questions about the BV

  1. i get paid next week, and i decided with my paycheck i was going to get a foresta BV!!

    i was just wondering if anyone had any raves/complaints about the bag, and if they could put a reference pic up of them wearing it. i was always iffy because it is such a tote, but this foresta was way too good to pass up!

  2. ooohh I love the BV and I love foresta. Wish I had one! My only gripe about the BV is that it kinda sags on the bottom and it kinda looks weird. It wont give you that nice plump look. But I'm a big bag girl as you can see with my collection I have 3 well 4 (vacanze BV). Sorry I have no pics but check out the bag ref. post.
  3. I love the BV too. I have one in Foresta and Inferno (sold my Paradiso one). Unfortunatetly, I don't have any reference pictures... Maybe there's one in the Great Reference thread?

    As for the sagginess, some people put a book or cardboard wrapped in fabric at the bottom. I did it the hard, but long-lasting, way of cutting out a thick sheet of plastic to fit the bottom of the BV exactly. It holds it's shape really well that way AND I can use it for my saggy gioco!
  4. I love my BV's ... I have one in Foresta, Inferno, Paradiso, L'amore and Spiaggia. (yikes!) It's great being a mom of 2 little boys. For quick trips out I can stash the necessities in it.
  5. Buy it now while you can lol! I get compliments on my Foresta and CR BV when i wear em! I also put a cardboard at the bottom to keep from sagging. Works great!

    BTW, how much is the BV? =)
  6. I love the BV because I really have to have a big bag for everything. It is a great style since it holds soooo much!
  7. The 4th pic down in the bag reference post has the citta rose BV that you can take a look at.

    I personally think it's too big of a bag and that's why I got the Mammia Mia instead since it's a smaller version :biggrin:

    But yea, if I put too much stuff in it, the middle part droops down and does look kinda weird.
  8. Ohh does this work? Like a thick piece? That was the only concern I had with getting a BV.
  9. I love big bags. And I love totes! I love the BV for the mesh pockets. I used my new Citta BV today and I discovered that my denaro fits perfectly in the mesh pocket. Easy quick access. I put my cell in the other one.

    I also use it during the school year to drag student essays around to grade.
  10. wow thanks guys! i didnt even realize i could put my cell in the mesh pockets! i hate when i cant hear my phone ring because its under all my stuff -_-

    i'm a big bag kinda girl too, its weird tho because im pretty small. hahahahaha. 5'2 and 105 pounds! hahahahaha. guess i want to make up for my size with my bags! hahaha.

    a seller is selling me the BV for 190. its pricey i know, but the placement is PERFECT, on the back. hahaha. but with the BV if u take the qee off u cant really tell whats the "front" anyway. do a lot of people do that or am i just weird?
  11. I like the BV. I have two of them. My only gripe is that I wish the strap length was just a bit longer. After trying out some of my bags now I've found I'm not really crazy about the double handle strap bags. They just feel somewhat uncomfortable. I think if I were to buy anymore bags they would be one strap.
  12. I have a Citta Rosa BV. I considered the MM but the straps on it were too short to wear on the shoulder. The BV straps are just right and it can hold a lot.
  13. Can someone post the dimensions of the cut out for the bottom of the BV? I might have to take a trip to Michaels some time this week. The BV is my choice bag, second would be the giocco, then the zucca.
  14. can the BV fit a 3-ring binder? i know it tapers at the bottom so i want to make sure a binder will fit before i buy one :smile: thanks gals...
  15. i feel like ill like the sagging of the BV, i like the sagging of the gioco a lot hahahaha. the sagging makes it less bulky