Questions about the Bowler style

  1. I really want a Blueberry Bbag and its between a bowler or a day bag. Anyway, what are the dimensions of the mini bowling and does it fit over the shoulder? What about the regular bowling?

    Last but not least: What's the retail on these babies?
  2. Regular Bowling: approx. 12" w X 14" h X 3" d
    Mini Bowling: approx. 12" x 12"

    I think I read in one of the other threads that the mini costs about $1075. Not sure how much the regular is, but there was an eBay auction recently that listed it for $1185...

    Good luck on finding your blueberry! :flowers:
  3. I just called BalNY and the price of the mini bowler is $1075. and the large is $1185.00. They have blueberry, rouge vif, black and cement.
  4. Thanks!
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