Questions about the Boeing 30...

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  1. Hello there! I've been contemplating which Goyard to receive for my swiftly-upcoming birthday, and after a trip to the Barneys NY Goyard boutique last weekend I've all but decided on the Boeing 30. I'll also purchase a strap, just in case.

    I'm undecided as per the color, though, so I hope you will all be able to give input! I already have bags in the indigo, green, and burgundy, so I'd like to stray from those colors. I was most seriously considering the black on black because I don't have any black bags (that's right, all my bags are colored!) and black makes the bag look smaller- I'm pretty petite, so it's a viable concern for me when the bag is, for me, semi-large. Of course, it's not as large as my Fidji or St. Louis PM, so perhaps I shouldn't be worrying about that. I am also considering the light blue and perhaps the yellow (although I've been wanting a yellow pouch, Senat now, for quite some time so perhaps I could switch and purchase a red pouch in order to relinquish the yellow to the bitty Boeing...). Oh, sorry about the rambling!

    Initials. I'll be getting them in purple over white, as usual.

    If anyone has any photos, please share! I know that LoveThatThing has a wonderful black Boeing 30, which actually got me hooked on that style awhile ago (and she has a St. Louis Junior, which I am insanely smitten with, but that's for another post).

    I look forward to reading your input :P
  2. i think the black on black would be amazing and so classic....especially since your other beautiful bags are such pretty colors.....
    so happy for you...and happy early birthday anna!!! ;)
  3. Barneys in Beverly Hills has black with black trim Boeing 30 on their shelves. I tried it and considered it briefly, however it is pretty bulky even without stuffing or contents. I was surprised at how close it is pricewise to my Boeing 45. If I'm not mistaken the price difference is only a couple of hundred $$$! Anyhow, the heart wants what it wants, so if you're set on it I wish you well on your decision and hope you love her truly. GL!
  4. I'm so excited for you Anna!

    I think that the black is always the classic and beautiful choice, so I think it fits your style amazingly.

    However, I really think that light blue would be absolutely stunning. I love the yellow and I also want a yellow bag soon too, but I like seeing they yellow in a less structured bag (like a St. Louis or a Fidji).

    Whatever you pick I know it will be chic!
  5. Hey annalcg! I really like the black. My first vote always goes to black for a bag. I can't believe you don't have a black bag!! I can't wait to see what you end up with.:smile:
  6. Thanks for all the advice! As for the color, I still have some time and I don't mind having to order wait for it, so I'm just going to keep thinking for now :P

    scholastician, what you said about the price is completely right and one of the reasons why I may not end up getting the bag right at this moment, as my parents have to approve the purchase. I'm not looking for a travel bag at this very moment, so I prefer the 30; I do hope to get a larger Boeing in the future, though!
  7. I'm so late to this thread annalcg, happy to hear you're considering a Boeing 30. It's such a versatile bag in my opinion, can dress it up/down. Black on black will be a perfect color option for you as you don't yet own a Goyard bag in black right ?

    If I remembered correctly the price when I got the Boeing 30 back in early 08 or late 07 was about $2250, and the 30 was the new size for Boeing, it was only available in Burgundy and Black. Maybe a trip to Paris :graucho: will give you some break on the price (lower retail price + the VAT refund). My sister got her Jeanne MM in white about a month ago and paid around 1300 euro, with the VAT refund, it's still much less than purchasing in NY + the sales tax.

    I have many different bags and I carried different bags almost every week, but Boeing 30 is still one of my favorite and never sits in the closet too long !!:flowers::flowers:
  8. ^Thanks for the advice, scholastician! I'm still very much in love with the bag but my daddy is being sneaky (he is the best, though!) and not mentioning it, so I do hope he's planning on getting it for me :graucho: but if not for my birthday (late March) then I know I'll add this one to my collection sometime in the future. Crossing my fingers...
  9. Happy Birthday!!!! I am more than sure you will pick out wht will suit you best!