Questions about the BH

  1. I need a shoulder bag. I am considering this bag as well as the cabas piano. I think the BH would fit my needs best if it weren't so darn big. I like the size of the piano, but worry about the bottom. It seems like the BH is a good alternative to the cabas but it looks so big in pictures. Is it very very slouchy? Will it sit on the floor without collapsing on itself? I do not carry a ton of stuff, so do you think it could be TOO big? I mainly carry a wallet, makeup bag, keys, cell phone, glasses case and other random things my children make me carry:lol:, but not a ton of stuff. I am a stay at home mom. I worry that this bag looks very "corporate" or like a working woman. Also it seems to stick out way in front of and behind people because of its *horizontal* nature. Does this bother anyone? Convince me I need this bag!
  2. I've never really had a problem with it. And it doesn't tend to collapse on itself since both sides kind of hold each other up. Mine only collapses when I push it down. And lol..I carry this bag but I hardly look like a corporate woman..I carried it to an orientation at my college a couple days ago and saw at least 3 fake Cabas Pianos. It made me happy I had my BH.
  3. Trying to answer in order of your questions...

    1) The BH is soft, not structured like the Popincourt Haut, but it is not slouchy. The canvas is stiff enough that it keeps its shape nicely when sitting in my file drawer at work, or behind the seat of my car.

    2) I was afraid this would be too big too, but for me it's not. I usually carry wallet, cellphone, makeup bag, keys, sunglasses in a case, 2 prescription bottles, iPod mini, and Coach wristlet. I like the BH because I can throw in other stuff on top when I need to, like a bottle of water or a paperback - for you, it could be kid stuff like a sippy cup and extra diaper/wipes.

    3) I don't think it looks corporate at all - it's much less formal than many of the LV bags. That's part of why I got it...I'm a very casual, laid-back person and hate stuffy looks.

    4) It doesn't stick out in front because of the way I carry it, but I do bump the bag into things in the back once in a while. It doesn't bother me.

    I don't know about where you live, but I see the Cabas everywhere. I got the BH partly because it was different! However, I do suggest you go to an LV shop and try different bags on, and see how they feel. That's really the best way to find out what fits you.
  4. I was debating about those two bags as well. I thought the BH might be too big, and I never see either of those though where I live. I decided on the Piano because of size, longer strap, and I have been happy! I think it is less "corporate" and seems very classic and understated as well. That said, I don't care about the leather bottom because I want the bag to be broken in and used-looking. I don't worry about whether the bag gets dirty or not. To me it's to use!!!

    It is my first and only LV purchase thus far.
  5. It's not a massive bag. Compared to other bags I would classify it as a bigger medium to large bag.
    It stands on it's own, it won't fall over, but it does collapse into itself, which is actually great - offers more privacy.
    Because it's a tote it's not corporate looking at all IMO.
    It sounds like a great bag for you honestly, you carry more than I do and it's not too big for me IMO.

    I'm about 5'3", here it is on me:
  6. Okay well I just ordered the BH!!!!!! I am sure both would be great but I think this one will work best for me. Thanks ladies.
  7. Congrats! I love my Piano but also have BH on my list :yes: . Please post pix when you get it! :yahoo:
  8. Oooh! yay! Congrats! please post piccies when you get it! :yahoo:
  9. "I think the BH would fit my needs best if it weren't so darn big." Acutally I don't think it's big at all and I'm only 5'2"...
    "I like the size of the piano, but worry about the bottom." Don't worry! I find that the vachetta bottom is really over-obssessed. I personally have never had much trouble with mine and it still looks great after more than a year.
    "Is it very very slouchy?" YES
    "Will it sit on the floor without collapsing on itself?" If there's only a few items in it, then YES, it will collapse on itself cuz it's very "soft" and unstructured, but if you have notebooks and stuff the bag well, then NO.
    "Also it seems to stick out way in front of and behind people because of its *horizontal* nature." Yes it does stick out, but not much (the Babylone sticks out the most I find in a really odd way...Maybe it's cuz I'm biased cuz I hate the structure of that bag! lol:shrugs: ).

    All in all, I think it's a great bag, I'm gonna be using it for school this fall. The only complaint I have is that I HATE THE SIDE BUCKLES! They really get on my nerves and I wish that the BH had more "horizontal" space inside.