Questions about the Alyona Satchel......


Sep 30, 2006
I am considering purchasing the Alyona Satchel. There is an exclusive on Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman (see below). Does anyone know if this is a heavy bag? Also, is this bag available in the MJ Boutiques in different color combinations? Thanks in advance!:smile:



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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
I purchased this bag from the MJ store in NY -- the black with grey trim, which is supposedly a boutique exclusive and not available at NM -- I have been using this bag almost regularly for about the last 3 weeks -- I LOVE THIS BAG!!

here is a link to the thread I created with pics of my Alyona:

It's not extremely heavy since it's made of lambskin and the lining is made of lightweight nylon -- it's very easy to manage with its double handles to carry on the arm and it's longer chain to hang from the shoulder (I've carried it both ways)

In addition to the black/grey combos, the Alyona is available in Dark Brown/Black, Light Brown/Black, and Fuschia/Grey -- pretty much the same color combinations as the exotic stam except for the Dark Grey/Purple (which was actually my first choice but that's the ONLY color they didn't do the alyona in!)

here are a few of the color combinations:


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Mar 8, 2008
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^HI, yes, they are available in both neimans and the boutiques. the black/grey python and fuschia/python are avial on in boutiques the other 2 on the neimans sight are avail at both neimans and the boutique. It is a little heavy, but not too bad as it is lined in a super light nylon, so the only wieght comes from the leather and hardware itself. IT is a gorgeous bag..I own it in the black..