Questions about the Ali slim flap...

  1. Does it stand up on its own? Does anyone have any pictures of their slim flaps in action?
  2. I tried this in the outlet yesterday and the slim flap did not want to stand on it own whereas the Ali had no problem. One of many reasons I ended up with the Ali instead. HTH.
  3. I own 2 slim flaps and no, they don't stand up on their own. The Ali was too big for my needs so I don't mind that trade off since I don't set my bag down often. I hang it up on a chair or on my hook that my dh put up for me to hang my bags off of when I use it.
  4. I just got my Ali Slim Flap yesterday (in khaki sig. w/black) and no, she does not stand. I do hang my bags on chairs, no biggie and she is gorgeous....
  5. At first I thought that not being able to stand on its own would bother me but the more I think about it, I always hang it on my knee/chair or set it inside my desk drawer at work so I don't really need it to.

    My outlet has a whiskey one on hold for me - my dream color! I am so excited...I'm driving a long way tommorrow to get it (and a white Ali for my mom for Christmas and whatever else I can find that strikes my fancy). I'll post pics as soon as I get home. It was the last one they had so fingers crossed for me that it's in pristine condition.

    BTW, to anyone that has a whiskey legacy (any style), do you use the Apple Conditioner on it? I used it on my white slim tote but am afraid of spotting the whiskey color on the slim flap...thanks so much for everyones input!!