Questions about the 1923 Bolide (aka. WEB)

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  1. This should be simple for the experts out there.

    1. Does it have internal pockets?

    2. Does it come in croc?

    3. What regular leathers are available for this particular handbag style?

    I was smitten with the print ad. Then fell out of love. :shrugs: But after recently spotting a rose dragee swift version IRL, I'm back in hard core adoration mode...

    Thanks all!
  2. I had one....and if I recall it had one pocket on the inside.....; it does come in croc; I've seen it around in chevre and swift - not sure of others but probably comes in more!
  3. oh no, why did you get rid of it?
  4. Well...I'm very impulsive and basically sell to buy the next one on my was fuschia and it was fall and I didn't feel I would use it for the winter...although I admit I miss the pink now that it's spring! I loved the double zipper and the pocket feature!
  5. I've been browsing former threads on this bag, but didn't seem to find the answer,
    so please excuse if I just read over it:

    What does the term 'WEB' refer to?

    I suppose, it's like 'HAC' refers to 'Haute á Courroies', right...?
  6. Hi Tenshi1986, the names Bolide 1923 and Web II refer to the same bag. Hermes does make a Web bag that looks sort of like a regular Bolide; the handles are a bit shorter and there is no oval patch on the front. It's also shaped a little differently. About 1 1/2 yrs. ago Hermes introduced a variation of the Web and called it the Web II but since it looks so much like the popular Bolide, they also called it the Bolide 1923 (1923 was the year Hermes introduced this style--first bag with a zipper). I bought one in Paris when it was first released. On the tag and receipt it was called the Bolide 1923, although some members have also seen it referred to as the Web II. Confused now? =) Sorry, it's really early here.
  7. :yes: ;)

    Thank you so much for all that valuable information, 24! :flowers:

    Good to know, that if I wanted to buy a Web II for SO, they will probably know what I mean and I won't need to know any secret meaning behind the word 'WEB' :okay:.
  8. You're welcome, Tenshi1986. If you place your SO for one, you might want to use both names just in case. But by now the SA's should know which bag you're talking about! Good luck!