Questions about Speedy mini lin ebene

  1. Ever since I got my MONO Speedy and I'm obsessing over the mini lin one!:girlsigh:
    It's just so cute!

    But, before I make my desicion and purchase another LV within less than a month,
    I just wanted to ask the mini lin folks a couple of questions:

    Would you use the mini lin Speedy as an everyday bag?
    I read somewhere that it holds up very well and that it doesn't need any special care -
    is that true from your experience?

    Also - I'm a casual person in general (jeans - sweaters ...) would the mini lin ebene work for me or is it more like a "dressy" bag that needs formal attire?

    Thanks a lot!:flowers:
  2. I think the Mini Lin speedy is the perfect casual bag - it holds up very well, too.
  3. Kimalee -

    I read your thread about vachetta and it made me think twice before using my *new* mono Speedy as an everyday bag!
    I'm a mom of two and I need something that can take a beating and still look nice. Thanks for your input.
  4. I use my mini lin ebene speedy everyday - it's my favorite bag ever!!
    totally worry free and looks great with everything .. dressed up or down!
  5. i love my Mini Lin Speedy. it's a great everyday bag and it's very durable too
  6. It is very, very durable. It's one of my favorite bags. I consider it to be casual and not formal at all.
  7. is the cloth material on the speedy mini lin really durable? is it easy to clean and maintain?
  8. I have had no problems whatsoever with my ebene mini lin speedy. It's easy to keep clean and the fabric is totally durable. I think it can be dressed up or down. I have gotten quite a few compliments on it because it's a variation on the traditional mono.
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  10. does it ever lose its shape like the other speedy's?
  11. It sags big time! but if you get a purseket for it or put something at the bottom, it helps.
  12. Thank you TPFers for the info!
    Bag Fetish, that was helpful :goodpost:

    I have a couple more questions regarding the mini lin line (and plz forgive my ignorance):

    1/ Is the mini lin a permanent line or just an occasional one?

    2/ Is the sag on the mini lin Speedy much differeent than the sag on the canva one?

    3/ From your experience, would the bag look better/nicer with a purseket, a card board (like the ones they sell on eBay) or just a magazine in the bottom of it?

  13. 1) permanent
    2) I heard it sags more, I can't tell. Personally, I think it looks better with sag than a canvas bag, as it is cloth and should sag a teeny bit.
    3) I put an open DVD case on the bottom.
  14. ^Yup. Also, I agree that it looks good with the sag. Since the material looks so soft, I think it would look odd if it was completely stiff and kept its shape.
  15. I have 2 mini lins. They are my favorites. The Ebene makes a great everyday bag. I also used a DVD case on the bottom, so there is not sag.