Questions about speedy 25

  1. Hello,I want a speedy 25 for christmas but I don't know if it will fit all of the things I carry. Since, it will be purchased from eluxury I wont try it on. Thank you

    Things I carry-
    5 tubes of lipgloss
    pad of paper
    hand sanitizer
    small mirror
    a novel
    change purse
  2. You sound like me. I also carry a bunch of stuff. I don't have a 25 but I have a 30 and it has lots of extra room with all my stuff in it
  3. All those stuff would definitely fit a mono speedy 25. I'm shocked at how much stuff I could put in a mini pochette.
  4. They would fit, but a Speedy 30 would give you a bit more room to manuver (sic?) items in and out of the bag.
  5. Yes! I just bought the 25 this past Saturday and I am amazed at how roomy it is. I tried the 30 on and it looked a little overwhelming on me. I think you will be happy with what you can fit in the 25.
  6. I think you would be happy with the 25 also. All my speedy's are 25's and I can't even fill them up, they fit so much!
  7. I bet everything will fit!
  8. I carry SO much in my 25 and there is always still room for more. When I first got it I wasnt' so sure but I fit a good size wallet, lots of keys, phone, agenda, cosmetic bag and sometimes a small water bottle and a sweater for my daughter. I swear it's the one bag I go to if I have to carry a lot of stuff - yet it's not enormous looking. Get it!
  9. Definitely will not have any trouble fitting all that...the 25 holds a lot!
  10. I agree with everyone who says the 25 fits alot! Your list is reminiscent of what I hold in my 25. Plus if it's not for you you can just return it and try out the 30.
  11. I'm pretty sure the 25 can fit that. It's way too small for my "needs" hehe but you don't seem to carry that much.
  12. Yep no problems there!! I'm amazed how much they hold.
  13. Yes, it will definitely fit all that!
  14. Yep, with no problems! You can probably fit even more in it!
  15. 5 tubes of lipgloss? sounds like me ;o) it will fit all that stuff and more, no problem! go for it!