Questions about SMOKE Rocco???

May 7, 2008
SW Florida
Has anyone seen the new Smoke leather irl? The pictures on Revolve make it look like an almost greenish-grey? Just wondering if it truly does have green undertones or if it's just the lighting... If someone happens to have this leather/color, please post pictures!! TIA!
May 7, 2008
SW Florida
Oh, Wow!! That's a huge difference! It does look almost black! In fact, if that's the actual color I think I'd rather have the Black. It does look faded like boxermom said!

How about SAGE? Has anyone see it? I want something in green or with green undertones... I guess i'm back to Forest then!


is my voodoo workin'
Apr 15, 2006
Yeah, it looked black to me too, until I saw it next to the black in person. But I agree, I went to Barney's with the intention of getting the smoke one, but went for the black instead. About the smoke though, the color does look great with the nickel hardware.


Dec 23, 2010
HA! Do I have a story for you or what? I asked my bf to get Black Rocco for me (xmas present), he went to Barney's told the SA what he (or better say I) wanted, and the SA brought him the rocco saying that's the last one in the store. He comes home w/ a big smile kinda like 'surprise!' and opens the bag. I looked at the studs and almost fainted - the SA totally gave him smoke instead of black rocco. Poor guy felt so bad, but you can't really tell the difference since the Smoke one is more like worn-out black (w/ an exception of diff studs) rather than gray. The bag is totally going back to the store, and the SA better not have 'colorblindness' in his resume! I'm beyond sick and tired of Barney's SAs who think they are better than the rest of us and can take advantage of certain people. Ugh ...
My advice is if you want the black one, get it. If you want grey one, get it. This looks very worn-out.