Questions about Silverado Hobo's

  1. I have a Chloe silverado hobo that I have barely I have some questions. I am planning on taking it on a trip to much weight can I safely carry in it? And I have heard that the leather does not need to get wet?? Is this true or is it only for the python bags? Obviously, if getting wet is bad, then this bag does not need to go to London!
  2. Well - my expensive python Betty DID get wet. I set it on a public restroom sink top not noticing the pooled water and UH OH.... but everything was okay. No scales were curling up or anything. I think these bags are pretty indestructible!
  3. thanks for the information...I would think that a bag this expensive should stand up to anything!! In fact, it should carry my umbrella for me when it rains :happydance: