Questions About Sequin Audreys at the Outlet

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  1. I have a few questions for anyone who has seen the Sequin Audrey at the outlet. Were the bags stuffed with paper (plain factory paper or Coach tissue paper) or were they empty with just the dustbag inside? Did they look like they had been folded for shipping purposes?

    I'm asking because I'm interested in this bag. However, I'm very picky (well, as picky as you can be at the outlet) and don't like bags that have been "handled" but so much. Thus, I want to find one in the best shape possible. If you all would be so kind as to let me know what you've seen, at least I can know what to expect. TIA.

    ETA: I've noticed lately that a lot of bags at my outlet have absolutely no stuffing paper inside. Is this becoming the norm?
  2. Well if you dont want a bag that has been handled much - you might want to call JAX.
  3. I saw one at Potomic Mills on the Friday before Columbus Day. They had her sitting on the top shelf where the signs are. I had to stretch to get it. I pulled her down because I wanted to get a closer look I noticed she was stuffed but I did not open her up I just put her back on the top shelf. What I have noticed is how they don't wrap your bags in tissue paper or even put them in the dustbags they just drop them in the bag. Now that annoys me.
  4. When I saw the sequin Audrey at my outlet a few weeks ago, it was on a high shelf next to the signage so you had to either be really tall or have an SA get it down for you. I have no idea what kind of paper it had in it. For the most part, the deletes at my outlets have paper in them, but a lot of the times it's not the paper that came stuffed in it originally. They wad up the Coach tissue paper and stuff the bag with that. I don't get why they would take the original paper out. It's a waste of paper to throw the original stuffing away and then restuff with tissue paper. And I really don't get why they take the dustbags out sometimes. That IRRITATES me. The dustbag is for that bag so leave it in there for goodness sake. If they're worried about people snatching them, set them behind the counter and organize them according to what bag gets what dustbag and then give them to people as they purchase.
  5. The 2 bags that I saw a week ago (Cabazon) were stuffed but I didn't pay close enough attention to the inside to remember what kind of paper it was. I only wanted to pick it up and try it on because i loved it so much on the web.

    One of the purses already had a missing sequin but the other one was in great condition. It's a beautiful purse but it just seemed so delicate, I would be afraid to use it. Both were gone when I went back yesterday.

    Haven't noticed any consistency with the tissue wrapping at the outlets I've gone to this month. Went to Carmel earlier this month and they were pretty good about wrapping my scarves & wristlets in tissue, the boxes were separate. Also stopped at Camarillo on the way back and they basically did a very basic tissue-wrap of a purse and wristlet; boxes and extra tissue were dropped in the bag. Ontario Mills wrapped my scarves pretty well the other week, but bags I bought a few days later were just minimally wrapped. Cabazon was a zoo and basically just dropped 3 bags in the shopping bag but gave me boxes and tissue after asking if I needed them.
  6. The ones I saw 3 weeks ago when I purchased my Black Leather Tessa, were in excellent condition. They had the dustbag in it also coach tissue paper. I even had the Sequin Audrey in my hand and I was ready to pay for it until the SA that I am friendly with who knows her bags told me not to get it because her daughter has it and had to return it because the sequins kept falling out when it rubs against your clothes. There were 4 on the shelf in perfect condition. She said it is a stunning bag but to be worried all the time is not worth it. Sequin Audrey is a Gorgeous Bag for the outlet price of 313.00 however, I got scared and put her back on the shelf. I was looking for a dressy bag to carry with me at parties and for the holidays to take out with me when I am all dressed up. I ended up with Ocelot Audrey which the SA recommended it would hold up better. I picked her up last weekend and I feel better about my purchase and scored her for 187.00 so this is going to be my dressy bag.
  7. ETA: My scarves at OM were also put in a dust bag.
  8. C4C09, I assume you're giving me constructive advice and I'll take it as such. However, my outlet is a Flagship Outlet and they usually receive quite a few FP Deletes in each style and color. Thus, I always ask for a bag from the back and they oblige. In the past, the bags would still have their original tags, wrappings, stuffing, dustbag, etc. However, lately I've started to notice that even when they bring out 3 or 4 of the same bag, they don't have their original wrappings and are either stuffed very little or not stuffed at all.

    I've had the opportunity to inspect approximately 5 Sequin Audreys at my outlet within the past few weeks, all brought from the back, and they've all been flat as a pancake with absolutely no stuffing.

    Due to the delicate nature of the Sequin Audrey, I'm approaching purchasing this bag very cautiously. The purpose of this thread is to gather a little more information about the bag, now that it's at the outlet, before I take the plunge. Thus, I'm trying to see if this is just the way the Sequin Audreys are being sent to the outlets or if it's just the way my outlet's beginning to handle merchandise due to their excessive amounts of inventory.

    As for ordering this bag from JAX, I don't think it would necessarily be a better option. I know that some TPFers have recently ordered very expensive bags from JAX and the bags appear to have been used and/or are damaged. Also, you've read melissatrv's thread,, and know that she's ordered 3 Sequin Audreys from FP/JAX that have all had defects. Therefore, I don't know if JAX would be able to deliver a bag in any better condition than the outlet, thus if I purchase this bag, it'll be from the outlet.

    Thanks for your input. I greatly appreciate it.
  9. I personally would pass on this bag. I'm not very fond of this bag, but from a constructive standpoint, the bag is too fragile and not worth the money even at the outlet price. If one has to go through the hassle just to find one in perfect condition at the time of purchase, why bother if we know the bag will get damaged even with gentle use?

    On the other hand, I think that if you buy this bag, you should just expect that sequins will break off and simply enjoy using it. I think about the textured metallic Audrey and Claire that came out last winter. Everyone knew the scales would scrape off, but a lot of people still bought the bag anyway. I have the wallet, and although some scales have come off, I still love and cherish that wallet. The wallet itself is still in great condition and completely useable. So what if some scales came off? I definitely got my money's worth.
  10. Thanks to all for responding to my inquiry as to the condition of the Sequin Audreys you've seen at your outlets.

    That annoys me as well. I always request that they wrap my bags in tissue paper and put my accessories in the little white muslin dustbags.

    I agree with both of your points!!! Why take out the factory stuffing? They can still stamp the bullseye on the creed without removing all of the factory stuffing. As for dustbags, fortunately, my outlet usually just leaves the dustbags in the bags.

    Thanks for the info about the Sequin Audrey. As for wrapping accessories, my mother purchased a few wallets and wristlets recently that were too big to fit into the little white muslin bags so she asked the SA to wrap them in tissue. The SA wasn't very pleased but my mother didn't care. It was a weekday and the store was almost completely empty. The SA was just being lazy.

    Thanks. With the exception of mfitzsimmons87, the TPFers who've purchased and used this bag have stated that their bags are holding up well. However, a SA at my outlet also said that the Ocelot Audrey would be much easier to maintain. Thus, I've been going back and forth between the Sequin Audrey and the Ocelot Audrey/Ocelot Wallet. I also like your Black Tessa. My mother saw one at our outlet last week but it wasn't in very good condition. Hopefully, another one will pop up.

    I'll have to think on the Sequin Audrey a little longer. They aren't exactly moving at my outlet, so I have a little time to decide.

    ETA: You mentioned the Sequin Audreys you saw were stuffed with Coach tissue paper. Do you mean the outlet "C logo" tissue paper or FPB "Coach lozenge/horse and carriage" tissue paper? Sorry to be a PITA. TIA.
  11. Thanks for your opinion. You've made some very valid points and have definitely given me something to think about.
  12. I am scared to death of the sequin Audrey. I just cannot bring myself to get it. The sequins are sewn "one by one by one", meaning they are spaced right beside each other without overlapping. You lose one, there is a spot. They would have done better by just making it metallic embossed, or something similar.
    However, other sequin bags DO overlap, and they are a lot safer, babying and money wise. Please do not let this sequin Audrey scare you away from other sequin bags.
    Have you checked out the *Original* sequin Audrey? If you can find one for a decent price, they are pretty damn beautiful. Now I would LOVE to have one of those! LOL!
  13. I do have the wristlet...and I am too afraid to even use it; Here is why:




  14. It was advice - not sure what you mean about original wrapping - I am pretty sure it is up to each outlet if it is wrapped or stuffed. Good luck with your search
  15. More advice - if you are the scared of this bag if it is purchased FP or outlet - why even consider ????? If you think JAX nor the outlet can deliver the product in perfect condition - I dont think this is the bag for you - again - just advice.