questions about sending my birkin to spa/rehab

  1. I think (actually have been thinking for several months now) that the time has come to send my well-loved and very floopy birkin in for a refresher. I had read in some Hermes loving articles (maybe Vanity Fair or Deluxe by Dana Thomas?) that fixer-upper service is included in purchase price. :shrugs:But, I've read different stories on this forum. So my questions are: can I just trust Hermes to figure out what needs TLC, or should I itemize the things I want done? How much does rehabbing a bag cost? How long does it take? (i'm in NYC so can take it directly to the store...I asked them a few months ago and they said it takes several weeks, but they can do almost all of it onsite in Madison Avenue store).

    Also, is it good to do this every few years or so? seems to me that would be the right approach, rather than letting her get really banged up.

    I'd appreciate any insight you might have. Also, please cross your fingers for me that her sister (birkin #2) arrives today or tomorrow! I don't think I can part with this one til I have another in hand.
  2. Some recent posts suggested that you should definitely itemize what needs to be done in order to get the best results.
  3. Claude and/or Pierre will even tell you if he thinks it doesn't need work. And he will definitely tell you what can and can't be done. The price will depend on the amount of work completed on the bag. I've noticed they've waived fees for repairs on items purchased recently at the store or for minor repairs. Again that is at the discretion of the craftsman.
  4. When I brought mine in, I sat with the SA as he detailed the areas that needed to be touched up. I pointed out some, but he would have done fine without me--he picked up on things that I would have missed.
    Mine had to be sent out and it took 6 weeks. The cost was roughly $100, but I had relatively substantial touch ups done to the corners.

    Overall, I was very happy with the service. It made my "new to me" birkin feel and look like it was just purchased from the boutique.
  5. I usually let the SA know what needs to be done on the bag. Since you live in NYC and the store has their in-house craftsmen, it'd be good if you speak to them like what HG has suggested. They will be able to give you some advise on the bag.
  6. Thank you everyone! This is very helpful. I think I will make a list of my concerns and speak to Claude about what he recommends. in context, $100 is not that much
  7. ^^ YES please itemize what is bugging you specifically. The craftswoman in BH always asks me what I'd like her to focus on and then she goes above and beyond but I wouldn't just assume she will notice things that I may have on my mind.

    I was told by the craftsman that every 2 years or so, barring something specific occuring to your bag is enough for cleaning. She said not to send it in too often. In fact I brought her my Birkin and she looked it over and told me it wasn't ready yet last time I took it in. I was impressed with her honesty. I'd had it for 2 years but am very careful with it and she said it is more about the condition of the bag than the length of time since it has been in. (Birkin is Togo leather.)

    And FYI, $80-$100 (and no tax since it is a service) is what I've always been charged for both Birkins and Kellys and they REALLY worked hard on the Kelly.

    Best of luck on your new lovey coming quickly and your current Birkin getting back QUICK!!
  8. Thank you everyone for this great information!
  9. I wonder if H keeps track of how often a bag is brought in for spa visits??
    My experience price wise has been free and $50 charges.
  10. *Bumping this thread*

    Has anyone had bad experiences after sending their bags into either the BH or NY spa? If so, what happened and did H rectify the situation? TIA!
  11. I remember two specific situations but I don't remember who. One took a B or K in for conditioning and it came back with white spots on the bottom (someone chime in?), and the other bought a coin purse (watermelon) and when it was reconditioned (sent to FR) It came back with the black seeds smudged. I believe H was going to rectify the Kelly immediently, and the purse was recent and we are waiting to hear.
  12. Oh yeah, I remember the watermelon incident. Poor gal... I hope they replaced it because the after pictures were horrific.

    I don't recall the Kelly incident. Is that recent? Goodness, now I'm scared.
  13. Interesting that this thread got bumped. My new bag did arrive (perfection) and I took birkin in for spa. 8 weeks later they called for me to pick it up. So hadn't been properly cleaned, there were discolored spots in the leather...not really much improvement at all. So, I asked them to try again...we'll see. I thought the great thing about Hermes was that these bags could be made like new again...and that was far from my experience!!!
  14. ^^^ I am so very sorry to hear this news. May I ask, what spa serviced your bag? Bev Hills, NY?
  15. ^ Can we pick which spa our bags get sent to? Does anyone know?

    I'm not sure it's just bad luck for the TPFers but one of mine did return w/ new stains.:sad: Unfoturtunately neither my SA nor I caught it at the boutique (I blame the poor lighting). But I saw it as soon as I brought it home.
    Had to send it back to be recleaned.

    Honestly I have no problem w/ the wait, just as long as my item is returned in a better condition than its previous state, KWIM? Or else just send it to Paris.:tup: