questions about selling BV shoes / cleaning out closet

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  1. I decided to clean out my closet because I have a bunch of shoes I never wear, including some that have never been worn at all :shame: I want to sell them (I am NOT trying to sell here), but I'm not sure of the best way to do that. I noticed while checking out some of the online consignment shops that I've used before (Yoogi's, Fashionphile), that they don't even accept BV shoes. On eBay, it seems like there's a ton of inventory, the prices are not that great and I don't know if I would want to deal with the potential headache. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to sell the shoes? I'm thinking of checking out a local consignment shop this week but their fee is 50% and I don't know how strong of a market we have here for BV footwear. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Btw, I'm kind of bummed to see the resale price for BV shoes. They are such high quality and I'm surprised that they go for so little on the 'bay.

  2. Shoes are tough for resale... from your description they sound like they
    are in good to excellent condition..

    Have you tried Ann's or would you consider a reseller?

    Depending upon where you are located, there could be some interest
    in another area like NYC..
  3. I don't think Ann's will take shoes either. If I have good shoes to get rid of, I take them to a local thrift shop and use it for a tax deduction. Really there's no way I can think of to make any money off them. It's a shame too, because we all have a pair that we rarely wore and could be good for someone else.
  4. Try A Second Chance Resale (located in NYC.)
    They accepted my BV classic black pumps in excellent condition, but sadly they didn't sell. I guess Hotshot and Boxermom are right, re-sale market for shoes is challenging. Worth a try though, good luck!
  5. I haven't found a good place to resell BV shoes either. I usually take the like-new pairs to a local consignor who actually gets 60% of the sale! Others I donate.

    The resale value of all BV, including bags is really disappointing to me! They are such well made and beautiful products. I have learned to think carefully about my BV choices over the years because of poor resale. I buy BV because I love it and plan to keep it, but sometimes a style or color just doesn't work out and it would be nice to get a fair price to pick another!
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    Think one of the reasons BV doesn't hold its resale value for shoes
    & perhaps certain styles of bags, is because it is under the radar.

    The magazines favor certain bags & promote them beyond.

    BV is discreet, tasteful, classy & timeless... Buy it to enjoy it
    & things are always changing in the world of fashion
  7. WONDERFUL response! I love this!
  8. I too love BV and am disappointed that the pieces do not hold their value. I don't think it is only that it is under the radar but that it is so widely available and for discounted/ on sale price points.
    I don't buy intending to sell but I care too much about my money to not care. These bags are expensive and I too think very carefully.
  9. I totally agree with this. BV always goes on sale at the department stores and a lot of the line makes it to the boutique's own end of season sale. Resale prices are pretty funny even compared to the sale prices though. To be honest, it makes me feel funny about spending full price on anything BV. I want a Cabat but I debate between the Nero from a boutique or choosing a seasonal from a reseller for a substantial discount from retail. There's also a wallet I really want and I'm trying to figure out how I'd like to buy it (if it's at any department stores, wait for sale, etc.). Chanel has a similar style for a similar price but I know the Chanel will hold much more of it's value if I get tired of it and want to sell. But I've gotten pretty good at picking items I'll want to keep for a long time so that's not a huge concern for me right now. As far as the shoes, I just found myself in a "declutter" mode and my sights locked right on to my overflowing shoe collection of which I regularly wear about half of the styles. I built a nice little BV shoe collection during sales or through DSW (DSW!) and went a little overboard a few years ago. There are a few that I'd never give up but then there are these few that have never or have rarely been worn.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I think in the end I'm going to give my local consignment shop a chance. If they don't sell there, then I'll give eBay a shot and if they still don't sell, I'll keep them and try to wear them. As much as I like to donate when I can, I just can't see donating brand new BV shoes to a thrift store.

    Btw, I don't think I'd ever buy BV RTW at full price. Have you seen the selection at the outlets or or yoox? The prices are astonishing.
  10. I think that people don't know what BV really is
    so it doesn't have as much reseale value as other more well known names
    I agree it is under the radar and alot of people that buy LV and logo brands buy them for the logo not for the supple enticingly soft leather and the timeless design
  11. I have been so crazy busy at work and am trying to catch up on tPF tonight. Not sure if you mentioned where you live. My Sisters Closet in So Cal (La Jolla) and in the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ area have amazing shoe consignments. The last time I was in Scottsdale I was stalking a shopper who grabbed a pair of cream / black toe cap Chanel ballet flats in my size. Reminded me of my Mom stalking deals in the original Filene's Basement in Boston. I'm not sure of their fees, but I would check them out. My consolation prize was a killer deal on a brand new St. John dress.

  12. Agree & also think that there will be a time coming when many designers
    will start to outprice their bags & will no longer attract a certain customer.

    BV has always been a high quality, tasteful design house with a very
    distinctive style .. Those who know are in the know.... and besides the
    bags are chic... No one does a knot the way BV does