Questions about selling a Jimmy Choo...

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May 18, 2008
Boston, MA
First, let me just say to the Admins, I'm not sure about the 'legality' of this thread so PLEASE don't hesitate to delete it if I'm out of line, I'm just not sure how to find the answer to my question.

I want to sell my Jimmy Choo 'Ramona' bag that is about a year old, in awesome condition etc etc, but I am not an experienced seller on ebay (i.e. I have never been a seller, only a buyer) What should I do? Is there another way to sell it that will grant me the same profit as if I were selling it on ebay or should I just take my chances as a new seller and see if anyone bids.

Also, what pictures do I need to provide to prove the authenticity? My bag is definitely authentic but I'm not sure how to 'authenticate a Jimmy Choo' so I'm not sure what pictures people are looking for in order to authenticate.

Again, if this thread isn't allowed I won't be offended if it is deleted.
And if it's ok, then TIA to anyone who responds to my post. I could really use the help :smile:

Apr 16, 2007
Post it on ebay. Take a lot of really good, clear pictures and figure out an appropriate reserve. Good luck!
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