questions about selling a chain medium hobo

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  1. hi all,
    i got a chain medium hobo several months ago...i've used it 3x and it doesn't really fit my lifestyle...i am looking for a place to sell it...obviously it's in pristine condition and has all the paperwork, etc...
    i used to sell bags on ebay and use the proceeds to fund my purse addiction, but, ebay has gotten so difficult to use that i feel it's just not worth it...craig's list and etsy don't seem to be the place either, so, do you guys have any thoughts or recommendations? also, it cost 895.00 brand new, and it's in amazing condition...what would you price it at? thanks so much for your help!!!!
  2. Have you asked your friends if they want to buy it? and maybe they can network it out to their friends?

    As for price when i was looking at preowned.. used a few times 60% retail, used with minor wear 40% retail. so my best guess would be 500$ maybe 600$

    Most gift cards go for 80% of the value and places like blue fly sell 20% off already + 10% off on certain events..
  3. good suggestion although my friends don't have the same passion for bags that i do...i can't believe that after only 3 wearings it would be 60% of retail...the bag is brand new!!! i was thinking maybe 650-700, but it sounds like that might be too much? that's why i'm asking the experts here!
  4. Do a search on ebay with completed listings with your bag name, and that should give you a fair idea of what you can possibly sell it for.
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    i was a gucci preown stalker for a long time and most 850 bags go for maybe 450/500. try searching on there and see what comes up. also there are tons of replicas so a ton of clear photos would help your auction;)

    or you can just keep it until the economy goes up. that bag is considered a classic and will never go out of style =) maybe you can learn to LOVE it
  6. Yes, I'd just keep it! I have to admit, that I wouldn't at all pay more than $500 for it used... at some point, it's too close to retail and with the experience of going to the store, it's better to just buy new...