Questions about Satchels...

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  1. Okay so I am wondering how many of you have satchels.. what do you like about them, not like about them, and what is your favorite Coach satchel? I love the look of them but find them sometimes to be inconvenient. I actually bought the signature Chelsea satchel a while bag and LOVED it.. but then when I needed to shop for a long time without a cart etc it was hard.. so I sold it and bought the Chelsea hobo. Anyway, now that I am venturing into having a few bags :rolleyes: I am still craving a satchel and wondering about these. I just recently bought the black 06 Legacy Satchel (10330) and love it but don't know if it is practical for me, and if it is going to be heavy. So, what are your thoughts on this? :shrugs: TIA! :tup:
  2. I am in the same dillema. I love the madeline in grass and love the legacy satchel in khaki with black trim. I have the same concerns you do but still pine for one
  3. Well I did have the chelsea optic satchel but returned it because it was just too bulky for me. I love the looks but for me there just not comfy.:s
  4. hhmm... well sometimes I think a satchel would be MORE convenient.. like when I am just going in to sit down, grocery shopping, places you can put the bag down.. easily accessible, cute, etc. And then for those marathon shopping trips out to the mall or outlets or out of town long obviously a shoulder would seem better. See, I am justifying it! :rolleyes:
  5. I'm typically a satchel girl! My favorite satchels are the ones that I currently own, Miranda, Lily and the '06 legacy leather satchel. I'm used to them so I don't find them to be inconvenient when shopping.
  6. Thanks! What color legacy do you have? Do you think it is heavy? TIA!
  7. I have a Soho Leather Satchel #10580, and I :heart: it. It holds a ton, but still looks great when it's pretty empty. The leather is soooo soft and beautiful. The straps are long enough that I can wear it as a shoulder bag comfortably or on the crook of my arm. It has feet on the bottom too. It's not in stores anymore, I think it was in spring or early fall? But it is still available at some outlets. It retailed for $358 & I got it for $191. It came in mahogany, black, camel, and I believe white. And I'm assuming there was probably a signature version. Anyway here's a pic :lol:

    from drilldown


    from me :p


  8. oohh cute! :tup: Any modeling pics?! :graucho:
  9. I have the black leather. I actually don't find it heavy at all, but again, I own Miranda and XL and Medium Lily, so to me, my legacy satchel is pretty light! I get lots of compliments when I use it!! :yes:
  10. I know.. lol I got thinking about that question after I typed it thinking of the other bags you own! :rolleyes: I also got it in black, it sure is beautiful!!! :tup: Thanks!!! ;)
  11. Thanks! I don't have any on here, but can post some in a few hours :yes:
  12. Not too long ago I bought a Legacy Satchel. While it had plenty of room for everything you would ever need, it was really heavy with just my wallet, cellphone, gum, and keys! So I returned it. :sad:
    However, I have an older Suede Soho satchel and I :heart: it! I actually started using it more just recently because I learned it holds all my essentials perfectly with plenty of room to spare in case I wanted to throw in a book or an umbrella. The only drawback is the flap. It gets sometimes annoying to have to hold the entire thing out on my arm and with the same hand hold the flap up. Its like this but in suede:

  13. I have a couple of satchels and find that I really love the look of them. I am always gravitating towards this style of bag. Although I find them beautiful, they are not the most convenient bag for me especially when I am pushing a stroller or shopping for long periods of time. I still love them but I save them to use when I am out shopping without the kids or when I go out with my DH. The legacy satchel is such a beautiful bag! I really think you should keep it. If anything, it will add some variety to your bags as (I think) you have all shoulder bags, right?
  14. I have the black signature chelsea satchel and I love her! She is so light weight and totally easy for me to carry! It is the perfect satchel for me.
  15. I love them for the winter because I can never find a bag I like to fit comfortably over my coat. Plus I like the convience of getting my wallet and stuff in and out quickly. With a satchel, I just quickly open the top and toss my item in and out.

    I guess I am use to it too. When I wear a shoulder bag, it seems uncomfortable under my arm.