Questions about RM bags...........

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  1. I have been looking at RM bags for several months now. I love the MAM mini, the matinee, and the Nikki. My questions are.....which one would you suggest? I don't like a super heavy or super huge bag. I would kind of like a satchel type for a change -- normally I do shoulder bags.
    I have been into Coach lately and Brahmin, but still always keeping my eye on RM.
    If I am only going to have one RM bag, what should it be?

  2. I started out with a MAB and then I bought shortly after the MAM. The first advice to me was to start out with a Morning After and it was great advice!
  3. If you're not into large bags, go with the Mini! Matinee is pretty big (as wide as the larger Morning After) and while Nikki drapes well it's also pretty large (and not a satchel).
  4. They're all great bags, so I know it's hard to make a choice. You say you don't want anything too big - which rules out the Matinee, because it is kind of big. The Nikki's also a pretty big bag(even though the slouch can make it's actual size look a bit deceiving) - and since you say you don't want another shoulder bag - the Nikki is out. Based on what you said you wanted - it looks like you should go with an MAM. The MAM is a great bag - though you wouldn't go wrong with any of them!
  5. My first RM bag (which I bought, like, 3 weeks ago...and it was quickly followed by a second) was a MAM in Tangerine. If you were to pick one purse to go with, I would definitely recommend the MAM lines--it's a perfect size (have you ever seen an LV Speedy 30? about the same size, but the MAM feels like awkward when I'm carrying it): not too big, not too small. It's stylishly petite, but it can hold a lot of goodies!
  6. I say go with the MAM. You'll love that the size isn't too big. Then after you love the brand--- branch out and try other styles and sizes
  7. I recommend the MAM.
  8. Before you decide, are you sure that you can do a satchel type bag? If so, I would agree with the others in saying that the MAM would probably be best.

    I always buy shoulder bags because handheld bags feel too awkward to me.
    Last week, I got my first RM, a Nikki. Although I was afraid it would be too big, it doesn't look or feel too large when worn.

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. I had a really really hard time with adjusting to the MAM - but it's turned out to be the best 'breaking-in' I've ever done with a handbag. The MAM is absolutely perfect. Great size (small but roomy), well-organized and easy to get into, and you can order a shoulder strap for it (if it's a current season color). It's got style, it's already an icon, and right now it's affordable. Win-win situation.
  10. I went from hobos to bbags carried with the shoulder strap to the MAM.. it was definitely an easier bag to adjust to than the matinee (the only two RM bags i've owned thus far.) I'd definitely say the MAM
  11. A MAM in a neutral color would be a great starter bag! Then you can branch out to the MAB, Matinee, and funkier colors!
  12. My first RM was a MAM a couple of weeks ago - I really like the size and style. I liked it so much I have already bought a second MAM. The shoulder strap makes it extremely versatile. My vote goes to the MAM.
  13. I would say Nikki. The hobo style is great and works well with different outfits.
  14. It sounds like you don't want a big bag, or a shoulder, so the MAM would be great! Handheld, and adorable! But still enough to hold all your stuff!
  15. I lov eth Nikki btu I think you would be happy with A MAM, it's a great bag!