Questions about RAOK

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've gotten my RAOK partner's name and am very excited to do this, but I do have a bunch of questions. For one thing, my person does not have their address listed on their elfster info. How do I get that without giving away that I'm their secret santa?

    Is there someone/somewhere we should be posting to ask questions? I didn't want to constantly bombard kallison, but I've never done this before, so I know I'll be in need of a little guidance . . .
  2. I was curious about that person does not have the address or a wishlist!! eekkk
  3. When did you get your RAOK person. I haven't gotten mine yet?
  4. ^^Did you respond to the elfster RSVP e-mail, the names were already drawn.
  5. You can ask questions in Elfster and they will send them anonymously I believe. Don't do things on here.
  6. Betty Boop - I had an email this morning telling me a name had been drawn.

    eosgurl - Thanks! I wasn't sure if elfster would send questions anonymously. I'll have to check that out! I definitely won't post any overly specific questions here. Some questions I have are more general, so I just wasn't sure who to ask/where to post them.
  7. WOAH! names were drawn already?! wtf happened...?
  8. yea i had an email this morning telling me who i had
  9. WTF? it's not supposed to draw names until everyone responds- so everybody is NOT included, as of now. and there are a few people that i need to make sure do not have each other...and i needed to wait until everybody was signed up. crap!
  10. kallison - I just logged on again and now the person I had before is no longer there . . . I have no idea what's going on!
  11. elfster is beng stupid. great.

    alright, so let's wait until i hear from the other people- and we'll draw again. is that okay?!
  12. Yes, let's try this again. My email didn't even have a name anyway thank goodness.
  13. Sounds good. I was confused, it told me to click a link to draw someone's name, but then it said that I didn't have anyone. So I guessed that you reset everything...

    Thanks for doing all this, kallison!
  14. i sent the invite again for you. :yes:
  15. in the meantime, you guys, go ahead and do your wishlists, etc. and talk amongst yourselves in this thread (dorky "what's your favorite color" type much you hate kallison right now. you know, the basics. :p)