questions about purchasing first linea pelle bag!

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  1. so after months of looking at all the resources of this site, and then a few more months after i got a hold of my dreaming and started looking in my price range.. i have finally decided to purchase a linea pelle handbag. this is my first big handbag purchase, so i have just a few more questions before i finally hand over my card - which im so excited about! i thought id post a few questions for the experts over here and hopefully i can have my bag soon!

    - i am trying to decide between a
    dylan double zippy
    dylan small speedy
    and just a dylan speedy in general

    any favorites? pros and cons of each that im just not seeing on the website?
    also, i am 5'1 - the last thing i want is a bag that will completely overwhelm me. from what ive seen these bags look completely reasonable - i just want to make sure!

    - are linea pelles sold in stores anywhere? i am close to the houston area, but so far have found no luck locating a carrier. if i am going to order it online - what is the best site?

    - is it worth waiting for the spring line to come out? will the options be much better? when does the spring line usually come out? (see - i really am new to this)

    thanks to everyone for their help! i hope this message is not too needy! i really really appreciate it!
  2. Hi lmin!
    I'm relatively new to LP as well but I have seen both the Dylan Long Speedy and the Dylan Double Zippy (Croco) in person. My bf got me the Long Speedy in black for my bday back in Oct but I didnt love it so I returned it. I felt it was too round and did not stay on my shoulder. I am almost 5'3" and petite and I thought it was a tad too big for me but not overwhelming. I just bought the Dylan Double Zippy on New Years bc they had a sale and I like it much better --- less round than the Long Speedy and I like the Croco pattern and the multiple zipper pockets in the middle. The double zippy is also slightly less long than the Long Speedy so I think it looks more reasonable sized on me.

    I have seen LP at Saks but Im sure other stores carry them as well. I ordered my Double Zippy from the LP website and had no trouble at all.

    I am not sure about the spring line...maybe others can help with this question.

    Gluck! and post pics if you do get one :smile:
  3. Welcome, and congrats on deciding to buy a LP! I bought my first one a couple of weeks ago and got it last Monday...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    I ordered mine online through while they were having a sale. I have the Dylan Patchwork Speedy in white, so I don't know too much about the ones you're interested in.

    I'm 5'3" and my bag doesn't overwhelm me at all. I posted a couple of pictures in the reference thread (here on the LP part of the forum) I think.

    Good luck finding one and be sure to show us pics once you do! :smile:
  4. Welcome and congrats on your decision to get a LP. You'll really enjoy it.

    I do not know the Dylans at all, so I cannot say anything about that. But I have seen some LP bags at Neiman Marcus Last Call every so often. Right now, though, I think the best deals are at the LP site with the discount codes.

    What color will you pick?
  5. Hi there good choice for a new bag! I also just purchased my first linea pelle recently and let me tell you the leather is to die!! I also live in the houston area and have seen them at Saks. You can go there to check out the styles and try them out before you decide to pull the trigger. It might be cheaper for you to order online as there are a lot of good deals and the last time I saw none of the ones I saw at Saks were on sale.... I got my viola dylan shoulder for 65% off!
  6. btw, I do agree that the best deals are thru the LP website with the discount codes. thats where I ordered mine...
  7. Are there any current codes that work now?
  8. Did you decide what bag to get? I have the croco dylan shoulder in Viola, and love it!!!! I have also seen the nikki and personally I really like that bag as well. Lots of pockets and it hangs from the shoulder so nicely. I wish someone would list a dylan small shoulder bag in amethyst, my first choice, or smoke on ebay for a resonable price. I want one really bad but just dont want to pay the 300.00+ it would be on the website right now, even with discount codes. And amethyst is sold out.
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    camilliepoo - that was really helpful; the more picture i look at of the long speedy, the more i was beginning to think that.

    No Cute - i think ill be going with black - classic and chic was my reasoning. i hope to use this bag for a while.

    Tracky527 - im even more excited now and plan on going to saks tm to make my final decision!

    to everyone - thanks so much for your help! you all responded so fast - it was very sweet! ill let you know what i decide!