Questions about Prada's Cervo Antic Satchel

  1. Ok... I know I just bought the guaffre, but I'm thinking of buying the cervo antic satchel too. I can't stop thinking about this bag! So my question is, for owners and those who have tried this bag, are you satisfied with it? Was there anything you didn't like about it? Opinions highly appreciated! :yes:

  2. Hi Audrey!! Just came online to the PF and noticed your post. When I received mine yesterday, it was really cute, but it looked too much like a doctor's satchel. I know that is weird to say because it is a satchel. But I have three LV Speedies and this one looks too much like one. Now the one you just bought is so beautiful!! I'm so envious!! It looks so much different than the one I purchased.
  3. Hi Audrey, in awhile Jill will be posting some pics of my satchal and drwstring. It is under the thread..still can't decide between satchel or drawstring. It will show you a couple of real life pics. It is a beautiful bag. It looks so nice in your hand or at your elbow, but I am only five foot four, and to wear it on my body it must used messenger style. For me this is OK because I am have a very casual lifestyle. But for someone who wants it to look professional...just note the strap is so long that to use it "hands free" it needs to go cross body. The strap is simply too long to wear on your shoulder, or at least it is for me. Otherwise it is so rich, and squishy and pebbly and beautiful! Good Luck
  4. Hi hun! Thank you so much for your reply! Mainly I'm worried about it being a little too plain. I mean in a way I want it for that style but it is a concern. When I went in the Prada store last week, they didn't have any in stock to show me (said they would be getting some in about 2 weeks) so I never got to try it on. The pictures they showed me plus the ones I saw online look beautiful and I know I will love the leather. I'm just wondering if it's worth it's price tag.
  5. Thank you for the info! I can't wait to see your pictures! I'm guessing the strap is very long like the miu miu coffer. I don't mind wearing it messenger style as I am looking for a semi-casual bag I can use all the time. I'm 5'10 so I think it's manageable. I also might just detach the strap and wear it on the shoulder.

    The major selling point I have on this bag is the leather. I love super soft leather! I'm worried it might easily get scratched though. I wonder if anyone has used this bag often enough to comment on that.
  6. I believe this bag will be proned to alot of scratches. Compared to the satchel you bought, this one is plain. The leather was very soft. And the smell.....I was in heaven. LOL!! I love the smell of leather. Good luck and tell us what you decide in the end ok?
  7. ^I actually dont think its a scratchable leather at all..I think the scratches some had on their bags were part of the ANTIQUED leather LOOK..they arent supposed to be perfect looking...IMHO.
  8. Thanks for your opinions girls! Hopefully Jill's right and the leather doesn't scratch easily. I think that's the only thing i'm really worried about right now. I'm still undecided... If anyone has a picture of themselves wearing this bag, I'd really love to see it!
  9. I was instantly drawn to this bag when I was in the Prada store. It's a very beautiful bag. I tried it on, though, and it looked too long and narrow and sausage-y on me (again, the height issue). The huge gauffre tote suited me better.
  10. i just saw one ebay and it looks really amazing! i want it! what do you guys think?
  11. Hi! :biggrin:

    First time posting in the Prada subforum... Is this the bag that Naomi Watts, Liv Tyler, etc. all have? It is gorgeous!

    Beware of fakes though... I wondered if they make fakes of this bag, did a search and found this:


    Not that this even comes close to the beauty of the real! It is :sad:
  12. Hi spiralsnowman! :heart:

    I usually try to buy my bags from the Prada store since I live in NY (no worries about getting a fake.) The bag Liv Tyler and other celebs wore seem lighter in the middle with more burning towards the end.

    I'm not really feeling the one I saw in the Prada store. It was almost one solid color with barely any burning. Are there multiple colors for this bag or is it just some of them have a more dramatic burning than others? Does anyone know? Also if someone ordered this bag and it did have a nice burning effect, where did you order it from?
  13. how do you know the difference between a fake and real? what are the fake ones going for in terms of price? is 1800 a fake or a real one at a great price?
  14. hi gals!

    just stumbled on this thread. I have the Prada's Cervo Antic Satchel and i adore it still. it looks exactly like the pix you posted, but when i was in paris i saw some bigger models of the same style in Printemps Prada without the burning - those looked horrible. The leather doesnt seem to be of deerskin, which is what i have. ANd i have to say, the leather does scratch easily. YOu do have to be careful; make sure you get the deerskin one. You won't regret it. When i figure how to, i'll try to post some pix. Just joined as member today, so gimme some time :smile:
  15. hi, i am new here. nice to meet you all. just want to share that i have bought the gigantic gauffre frame bag (i am only 5'5"...) - not sure when i will be able to carry it but it is such a work of art that i dont care - and also ordering this antic cervo satchel in antiqued deer skin from NM, i think will be getting it in january and hopefully will still be married after that....:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: which gauffre did you buy Audrey?