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  1. Hey ladies :nuts:

    I've been thinking lately - "What if the opportunity to place a special order for a Birkin?" was to come along. Let's say over the next couple/few months I spend time talking to my SA, building a relationship, etc., and I am offered the chance to place a Birkin order - fat chance, but hey, it's worth thinking about.

    I've been spending a lot of time here and on the Web sites of authorized resellers, looking at colors, sizes, leathers and the like. I've decided that if I were to place an order for a Birkin, it would be 35cm, gold, togo or clemence leather with palladium hardware and white stitching :drool:

    When I read threads here about other PFers placing orders for a Birkin, they are often given the standard "one year" wait time. However, I know that the timing can be a crapshoot.

    On average, what do you guys think is the average wait time? Right now I don't have all of the money saved, but in a year I more than likely will have it saved. Is it all right to assume that it will take anywhere from 8-12 months, so that I can budget accordingly for savings? I want to have as much in the piggy bank as possible :graucho:

    Does this make sense? I'm just thinking randomly and trying to see how I can budget savings for an entire year (or maybe a bit less) from the time that I can hopefully place an order.

    TIA! :nuts:
  2. My SA told me to expect up to 18 months but that but that she would try to push it sooner :wlae:

    This is so exciting :nuts: I'm sure you get to order sooner then you think.
  3. Cristina, it certainly makes sense :yes: I am in the same boat as you, doing smaller purchases but also contemplating a bigger purchase simultaneously :graucho:

    I have given myself two years to save for a Birkin. I could afford it in 12 months if I saved $1000 each month. But I do want to enjoy other H things as well... so that stretches it abit.

    Based on what I've read here, giving yourself an 8-12 month timeframe is a very reasonable one. I think if you were to choose slightly harder-to-get colors it might take longer, as might the fact that you'd like white stitching (I don't know for sure about this last part; I'm guessing?)

    I guess if you budget and give yourself 12 months to get it, you would relatively be safe and able to afford what you want when the time comes. Unless, of course, the H gods are smiling upon you and decide to shower you with Birkin Blessings :graucho:
  4. I had one SO (special order) come in after 3 months. I was shocked at the speed. Another SO has taken 9 months and I am still waiting.
  5. The bag can show up as soon as a couple of months. It's best to have all the money ready BEFORE you order to just be on the safe side.
  6. Thanks, everyone - I figured that wait times definitely vary.

    pyrexia - It's hard not to make small purchases, all while wanting to sock money away for the larger ones.

    I'm perfectly fine with waiting - after all, what's a few months or even a year or more when you're ordering a bag that is exactly to your specifications, down to the details? :nuts:

    Does the timing also depend on what store you order from?
  7. Cristina, it IS hard not to make small purchases, especially when everything Hermes is so beautiful and your SA keeps calling with temptations:P
  8. I know how you feel! Last time I was there, she kept showing me these gorgeous things - scarves, bracelets, a mini Kelly :drool: and the Karo GM case I've been lusting after. I think I am going to take the plunge and order it in rose shocking chevre, since she said it is available in that leather and color combination :nuts: I'm going to use it as a case inside my bags to hold my smaller items - had an LV pochette that I used for the same purpose and it's so convenient - and as an evening/going out clutch.
  9. From what I've seen, the speed at which an order is filled really depends on whether a leather or "skin" (isus ;) ) is available at the time of placing the order. Also, your SA will tell you what's available when you look at the leather book and then you will have a rough idea of how long it will take. However, I have seen that some orders are filled quicker or have taken longer than expected which goes along with what hermes_lemming stated about having the funds on hand even before you order. Who knows, you just may see your dream Birkin on the shelf too! Good luck!
  10. Great advice. I placed an order but it just so happened the exact one I ordered came in a couple weeks later :yahoo: So maybe you'll have luck on your side :smile:
  11. exactly what Amkur said. I placed an order at the Feb podium, and am expecting it in the September delivery (where I live, they receive deliveries in bulk lots throughout the year). I have also SO'd a croc Kelly, but have been told this won't be coming in the forseeable future, because of the colour and skin combo I have chosen. It will take years, but I'm happy to wait.

    It's completely dependent on what leathers and colours they are offering at the time, and what it is you are ordering.
  12. Thanks, everyone! Amkur and GF, I appreciate the input, especially about the availability of leathers when the order is placed. Definitely good to know!