questions about perforated speedy

  1. hello everyone im a first time poster and have some questions about the preforated speedy, i have a mono speedy and LOVE IT!!!! Anyone who has one do you love it, can you see into the bag, what about when it rains does it soak into the lining? So many questions if anyone can help me deside that would be great!!!
  2. Hi and welcome! I don't have the Speedy but I have the pochette and the Musette and if you have any white papers or brightly colored things right up against the sides, you CAN see them. But it's not as bad as you think. Also, these bags aren't meant to be used in humid weather or rain since it WILL go into the bag and ruin the lining as stated in the care booklet. :yes:
  3. thanks so much
  4. You're welcome and good luck!
  5. I have the speedy and i agree Lvbabydoll. The only time i really notice you can see anything is if it a white item and its right up against it. you really cant just peer into the bag and see everthing thats in there. in fact you cant see whats in there at all really. I live in the desert so i dont worry too much about rain, but i will tell you that i love this bag the most of all my others! it is my favorite. I would love to get one in orange also, i have the pink. :graucho:
  6. I have the Musette in pink and I LOOOVE it!! I don't take it out when there is a chance of rain though because I got caught with it in the rain once and freaked out, so I put it under my shirt to run out to my car!! LOL won't take that chance again. I am thinking about getting the perfo speedy now too.:biggrin:
  7. thanks so much everyone!!! great info!!!
  8. does anyone know the date code on the perfo speedy in fucshia, im looking at one on eBay. mypoupette said they thought it was authentic, but you can never be to sure.
  9. i could tell you what mine is but i dont think thats what you need. Post the link to the auction or ask your question regarding this in the Shopping/Authenticate this Louis Vuitton thread. The experts will help you out!:yes:
  10. thanks so much i just did that? do you love your speedy?
  11. I've been trying to get one, Fuscia specifically. Calling around, no luck yet.
  12. ya im looking for one too, ive found acouple on eBay but im kinda nervous spending that kinda cash and getting ripped off. anyways good luck finding one soon!!!!:p
  13. does anyone know if you can still purchase the perforated speedy through a LV boutique? if so, im sure theres a wait!
  14. How much is the perfo speedy??
  15. ^^^$1320. plus tax. and shipping from Eluxury