Questions about Peep-Toe Etiquette

  1. I've never worn peep-toe shoes before, but I just picked up a few pairs at the Nordstrom anniversary sale that I'm excited to wear. What's the etiquette for wearing peep toes?

    1. Do I have to have a pedicure? Is it ok if I don't wear toe polish, or is toe polish a must? Does it matter if it's the summer or the fall / winter?

    2. Ok to wear with pants as well as skirts?

    3. Do you wear them with hose / tights? Or no?

    Sorry about the silly questions. I'm seriously clueless as to the rules of wearing peep toes, and I don't want to get called out in my office for being "that girl." :smile:
  2. I would not wear peep toes with footed tights.

    Other than that, as long as your feet are clean and nails in good shape- peep toes can be worn without polish. Btw, i've heard of women only painting the toes that are visible!

    And yes, they're pretty versatile- you can eear them with anything!

  3. 1. I personally always have my toes polished, I don't like the way my feet look without, but as the above poster said- clean and neat it is fine to go without :smile:
    2. You can wear peep-toes with jeans/pants/skirts/dresses... as long as it suits the overall look.
    3.This is a tricky one... I've worn tights with high heeled sandals/peeptoes etc. (I like the look, some don't). It can look modern/young if done the right way. For a conservative environment though, I wouldn't.

    It all comes down to what you're comfortable with and what you think suits you. Enjoy your new peep-toes!
  4. If you are wearing tights, are you wearing the footless kind (more like leggings) or full-foot ones?
  5. I wear full-foot :smile:
  6. :yes:
  7. Agree with previous posters. As long as they are groomed, I'm not offended if they aren't actually polished.

    Yes to both. If you are wearing slingback peeps- just remember to walk around with your pants and shoes before you leave the house. Your heel will naturally separate from your shoe a bit when you walk with slingbacks. I hate when I see someone walking and their pants hem keeps slipping between their heel and their shoe. Ruins an otherwise tailored outfit. (the peep toes I'm wearing today are sling backs which is why this is fresh in my head)

    I have done fishnets before with peeps, but made sure the seam was not visible. I don't think I could do actual tights though. Just personal preference. I've seen it done well before but just don't like it for myself.
  8. the only thing I like to add is that totally prefer footed tights to non-footed tights, and as long as the seam isn't visible I definitely wear them with tights, but only if the tights are black and so are the shoes (it's my personal preference, I find the look to be more stylish than with other color tights/shoes)...

    I also would advise not wearing with super tight skinny jeans, somehow that look to me isn't very classy - but with nice trousers, it can be very elegant.
  9. Hmmmmm

    1. I think it always looks nice when the toes are polished - peep toes after all put your toes on display quite prominently! A pedicure is nice but as long as your toes are presentable (maybe a quick swipe of clear polish for shine?) they should be fine. Painting the visible toes is also a quick fix :biggrin:

    2. Yes

    3. Generally no. If you must wear skin colored pantyhose, they do make toeless versions (also available at Nordstrom, look for toeless (not footless) hose) so you don't have to deal with awkward toe seams/etc and it looks way better. I generally see peep toes as spring/summer/maybe fall shoes. But in late fall/early winter, some people do wear dark tights/etc. with dark peep toes to allow them to get more versatility out of them. It's a matter of personal preference I guess :smile:
  10. Out of curiosity, what is your opinion on the peep-toe shoes in the Nordstrom lookbook for the fall? (e.g., p. 13 of the PDF (or p. 14 of the lookbook); p. 25 of the PDF (or pg. 39-40 of the lookbook)) Would you just wear nude toeless pantyhose with them in the fall/winter?
  11. sheer silk thights or fishnet tights (whre you see the fishnet on your toes) I would say no, but in winter i sometimes wear opaque tight with open toed shoes.
  12. 1) i personally prefer to have my toenails polished at all times. but that being said as other posters mentioned as long as your toenails are clean & shaped it's not a faux pas to go unpolished. i am also guilty on occasion if i've been in a rush to only paint the toes that show through the 'peep' :shame:

    2) i wear peep toes with everything: dresses, skirts, trousers, and skinny jeans - i wear a lot of skinny jeans and i know some women aren't but i'm quite a fan of a high peep toe heel with them.

    3) i sometimes wear peep toes with full footed tights, but only if the shoes are black and the tights are too. i'd never wear a nude peep toe with tights bc for me that defeats the purpose, but i do love the edgy way peep toes can look with tights - plus canadian winters can be quite brutal so it's necessary at times!
  13. hello, peep toes are great for someone like me who has a longer 2nd far as tights or stockings goes, you should be able to get the toeless ones...

    I wouldn't wear toeless stockings with strappy sandals like in the picture...but I think most peeptoes will be able to cover the seam at the ball of the foot.