Questions about pearls

  1. I'm a Jewelry Box newcomer, but I have a few questions about pearls.

    My boss had a lovely strand of pearls that she got from San Francisco on a business trip. She's going again next week, and has generously agreed to find a set for me.

    I love hers, but I'm really not sure if pearls will work with my everyday (work) attire. (I live in the South, and work in a business casual environment). Certainly pearls aren't just for sweater sets and brunch? Is there such thing as an 'edgy' pearl necklace? Can pearls be sexy? Casual? Are double-strands more formal than single, and therefore would be a bad choice?

    I guess what I'm asking can I know if I'm a 'pearl type' (if there is such a thing), and if so, what is the correct way to wear them? And when? I don't want to look foolish or like I'm trying too hard. They just seem very elegant to me.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (and my apologies for the pearl-interrogation!)
  2. Pearls (or faux pearls) can be anything and go anywhere. The traditional rule is, don't wear an even number of strands, and the number of strands one wears should not exceed the decades one has been an earth resident.

    So if we follow that rule, one strand until your 30th birthday, then you can wear 3 strands, and on the Celebration of your Golden Jubilee, you may make your Grand Entrance dripping with five strands!

    And when you turn seventy, you get to wear an entire breastplate!
  3. "And when you turn seventy, you get to wear an entire breastplate!" :roflmfao:

    I worked in Bahrain for a while and they are famous for their pearls - I found out that pearls personally just do not work for me, even the more "edgier" black pearls. I'm more of a diamond kind of gal lol
  4. I used to think pearls were really old fashioned, but I do like them! I wore them on my wedding day - classic for that!
    I've fallen in love with them for regular wear since the Devil Wears Prada and the lovely Mischa Barton photos with the CC chanel pearls. Those ones can definitely be worn by the younger crowd and be 'edgy'. Those can be easily dressed up or down and worn from 20-70!
  5. I think it depends how you wear them. I have one strand of really big faux pearls that I love to wear with black and white--I think they're fun and elegant.

    Sometimes I wear my small pearls with another necklace--something with a pendant. I think this kind of makes the look more casual.

    I have a pair of my late step-mum's pearl earrings, and I wear them a lot--both for sentimental reasons, and because I think they're pretty!
  6. I am personally of the opinion that pearls can be worn anytime, anywhere, by anyone. I say that because pearls are now made in every shade, tone, color, size, and shape.

    So, white round single strands should be worn with fancier outfits but there's no reason not to wear a strand of pink pearls to the office.

    I am personally just drowning in all the different pearls I have...if I buy one more strand hubby may throw me out! LOL But I'm just drawn to them. I love good pearls! One of my favorite pieces to wear is a triple strand green pearl bracelet with a matching pearl pendant necklace and earrings. It goes with everything.
  7. LOLOL!
  8. i like black pearls.
    but traditional pearls don't have t o look classic and boring. a friend of mine has a very edgy, individual style and is always mixing vintage pieces like pearls and even the very classic sweater sets with cooler stuff and gets away with it. i think the trick is confidence and experimentation and not sticking to fashion rules.
  9. I'm like Casto: anytime, anywhere with any outfit! I could open my own STORE with all the different sizes, colors, lengths, etc. of pearls I have. I've also got rings, earrings and quite a few bracelets, though I don't do all pearls at the same time. That's a bit much. I'll wear earrings with a strand of pearls, or a ring with a strand (and a simple gold or diamond earring). I love to wear a single strand and have layered as many as 5-7 strands of different lengths/colors at once, though that gets a bit heavy as the day passes! ;)

    The only cautions you need to remember is always put your pearl jewelry on last: after perfume, hair products, etc. as those things will damage the nacre. Always store your pearls individually in soft cases. And while it's in vogue now, NEVER layer real pearls with a gold/metal necklace. That will scratch the nacre as well. If you like the pearl/metal layered look, buy some "faux" pearls for that. And though I'm guilty of not doing this like I should, when you take your pearls off at the end of the day, always wipe them with a soft cloth to remove your body oils as that will discolor the nacre over time.

    Basically, the days of pearls with sweaters on debutants and tons of pearls on older ladies is waaaaaay over and I couldn't be happier!:yahoo:
  10. i wear a simple 16 or 18 inch strand of 8mm pearls with a white shirt and jeans. i love pearls. simple yet elegant. ShimmaPuff - you are too funny!
  11. Here is some more pearl (and faux pearl) advice:
    When choosing pearls, consider your skin tone. Bright white milky pearls will look more dramatic on skin with more pigment. If you have bright white milky skin, look for some pearls with a little pigment. They don't have to be frankly pink or golden, just a hint. Try them on. What you want to avoid is having them "blend in," unless that is the look you are going for. Especially if you're doing faux, and/or are rich, then get different ones for different looks. And also think about what you will be wearing them with.

    If you're getting black or gray or amber pearls, try to find some with undertones that contrast a little bit with the undertones in your skin. Or not. Either way, you will have a look, you just want to be sure that you are getting the look you want!

    And especially if you are getting pearl stud earrings, make sure they are of a color that is not going to disappear on your ears. For instance, if you have beige skin, and want amber-colored pearl studs, you may have to do more looking and holding up than if you go with plain white. And the opposite will be true for your fair skinned friend. You don't want to put shell-pink pearl studs on shell-pink ears! If in doubt, a good workaround that works for everybody is get studs that are surrounded by a little rim of gold (or goldtone). Or silver, the point is to separate the pearl from the matching skin!

    riffraff, have you ever tried on one of those little chokers that have medium to large pearls alternating with "pave" style rings of rhinestones, CZs, etc? Those are great when you want to have the look of diamonds AND pearls! Or you could do a pendant of a largish pearl surrounded by "diamonds."

    And if you want to wear pearl studs with a sweater that has round pearl buttons, try to have the studs be of the same color as the buttons, and instead of a whole string of pearls with that, which might look like too much pearl action, that is also a good time to break out a pearl pendant, whether surrounded by stones or just hanging there on a little chain.

    Edit to note that should you ever be seized by the urge to drape yourself in really looooong strings of pearls, your best bet is the dollar store during the Holiday Shopping Season. Get a few of those long strings of faux pearls intended as Christmas tree adornments, tie, glue, or wire the ends together, and Declare Treehood.
  12. If you feel that a strand of pearls may feel too prim 'n proper, why not try pearl stud earrings? I feel like pearls are a bit too conservative for me, maybe becuase I dress conservatively and they'd put me over the top, but I do like my pearl earrings. Just a thought.
  13. I'm a firm believer that pearls can be worn for almost any occasion. Here is a great website with non-traditional jewelry, made of pearls. I love her stuff!
  14. Pearls can be funky and fun, CastoCreations has some beautiful pieces and I have so many types and styles that I wear with everything. I get a lot of my things here:
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