Questions about paying full price for MJ bags:

  1. Thinking about this today...and wanted to ask all of you....

    -As of right now, what bag would you absolutely pay full price for b/c you love the bag
    so much you don't want to wait until markdowns for the fear of losing the bag?

    -What bags in the past have you paid full price for? Did you use it a lot and then sell it?
    Did you get a good price on the bag when reselling it (approximately how much less for a a bag that was kept in excellent condition)? Did you regret buying it at full price?

    The waiting game is risky. I'm not thrilled with Spring 2008 but there is a bag that I would pay full price for if I saw it. I have never paid full price for a MJ bag and I'm unsure if I should liquidate a lot of my unused MJ bags (I seem to be collecting) purchased at sale price to get this gorgeous bag at full price -plus yucky NY state tax.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and any experiences you can share!:heart:me
  2. I have paid full price for the following bags:

    Black Stam, White Chiffon Stam, Bronze Stam, Military Rubino Hudson.

    I use my Black Stam a lot. I love my White Chiffon and I paid full price, because it was the last one around. I couldn't believe I had found it. The Bronze was my first Stam when they were really popular and I had to have it. The Hudson was limited edition and I knew it would never go on sale. I don't regret any of those purchases and I can't imagine ever selling these bags.

    My other bags I either bought on E-bay (this is because they are a discontinued Style) and I have also bought some on sale.

    I think that if you really love a bag and know you will get lots of use from it, paying full price is not a bad thing. Especially if you are like me and seem to miss out on all the great sales. If you are going to be diligent about checking on the price and jumping on it quickly when it does go on sale, you may want to wait. I know I would be really bummed if I forgot to check and then found out it had gone on sale and I missed out.

    As far as selling your other bags...if you don't use them, then why not sell them and get something you will use and you really love? I know it is a difficult decision. The prices are high and it would be great to get it on sale, especially when you read about all these great deals here on the forum!
  3. I like this thread...I'm curious to see everyone's response...

    Anyway, I have paid full price for only one bag --- my Dark Brown Hudson. I bought her last October (07) when it was only available at MJ stores. I wish I was better informed though since I didn't know that Hudsons purchased at MJ stores should have all its compartments lined in leather...2 of mine were lined in canvas so obviously, it was probably a department store overstock or whatnot. I was a bit disheartened and regretful when I found that out (thru the help of the lovely ladies here) but I got over it and I really do not regret paying full price for it. I wish I got a fabulous deal like one of the ladies here for $600 or Melly for $399 at NR but I absolutely love her so I guess it's ok. I don't think I would ever sell her...

    As for my other MJ's (I don't have that many), I got 2 of them from Nordstrom at a discount (sales), 1 from Nordstrom Rack, 1 from a lovely tPF'er (most recent purchase), and 2 from Shopbop at a discount as well. Again, I don't think I would ever sell any of them even if I don't use them a lot since I can't bear to sell them for a lot less considering how much I took care of them (surely, no one would pay me close to what I paid for them so forget it ;)). But if you think you can part with most of your unused bags to purchase one that you really want, then I say go for it.

    I agree that the waiting game is risky but I think the great deals at the end of the season are worth the risk. I think that the only items I would pay full price for ever again are stuff I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else but an MJ store (another Hudson perhaps?, a zip bowler, a quilted Elise and anything Amethyst and /or Graphite). This season, I am leaning towards the Sofia and I MIGHT pay full price for it...we'll see how much I fall in-love with it in person :graucho:

    Hope this helps!
  4. Hmmm... There's not many bags I would pay full price for, especially Marc Jacobs. To be honest, I don't think I've paid full price for any of my bags, including the Balenciaga Violet Step, GGH Truffle hobo, Fall 06 Amethyst MP and Bordeaux ZC that I bought when they were first released at the beginning of their season. Even when I really wanted a bag from the Sweet Punk line I patiently waited for the discount, knowing that these were very limited. I still managed to score not 1 but 2 for over 60% off for myself and for other pfers who were looking. There's usually some sort of savings like F&Fs that I would rather wait for if I really wanted a highly sought after bag. I'd rather use the money saved for another bag or something useful. I guess I'm a patient shopper. That, and I detest paying for anything full price.

    ETA: Ok, so I paid over retail for the Pink enameled Gucci Blondie Bowler.... but that one doesn't count!!
  5. I have paid full price and then regreted it! And paid too much on eBay and regretted it, but thats life! I say get them where you can when you feel you gotta have :nuts:it now!!
  6. My "Bag Fund" does not allow me to pay full price for MJ.:crybaby:
    I only have two (Cordovan E/W Shoulder Flap & Icy Black Quilted MP:heart:) but hope to add more in the future.
    The good thing about MJ is they actually do go on sale.:tup: I have to pay full price for my LV's.:rolleyes:
  7. Hmmm..I paid full price for my black mp, black blake....the rest I got on sale or on ebay.....I always end up paying full price for other designers that I like b/c those bags don't normally go on sale....or they sell out...(Chanel/Prada)
  8. Thithi!!! You must post photos of your Amethyst MP. Since someone posted a photo of an Amethyst ZC, I've been dreaming about that color non-stop...:drool::drool::drool: And wow, you got this and the Bordeaux ZC at a discount at the beginnign of the season?? Share the secrets please! ;) I totally agree about paying fullprice but sometimes, I get caught up in the frenzy...I must try harder to restrain myself from now on.

    --- SO TRUE!!! Very well said muggles:tup:
  9. I paid full price for my zip clutch. I was torn between two colors (petrol and bordeaux). I should have held out because I did find the bordeaux on sale eventually.

    But I do love the petrol I ended up with.

    I would never pay full price otherwise.
  10. i've paid full price for many of my designer bags. here's the list of mj and mbmj that i paid full retail for:

    grey mix quilted tote
    berry stam
    yogurt large mp
    petrol elise
    bordeaux groovee
    chalk softy hobo

    i know mj bags typically go on sale, but i hate not being certain that i will get the bag i love. unlike thithi, i am not patient and generally risk averse. i'm reasonable about it, but when it comes to big purchases like this, i want to make sure i get exactly what i'm looking for. if it means that i have to pay full price for it, then i'm willing to do that. i hate the feeling of missing out on something i really wanted because i waited too long or didn't call my sa soon enough and it got snatched up from right under me.

    i have never regretted any of my full price purchases. if i had to say that i regretted buying anything, it would be my sale/ebay purchases. i like my teal alyona, which i bought during the first round of nordstrom's holiday sale, but i could do without this bag. i've gotten great deals on ebay, but again, these are not the bags i love. not to mention that i am just not lucky when it comes to steals and deals. i will never be the one to stumble into nr and find a chilli hudson for $400.
  11. :goodpost::goodpost:

    I paid full price for my first MJ a 2006 Stam in a cream color- after that everything (except my key pouch) has been bought with some kind of sale- everything from 10% to 70% off.

    I am definitely a rotator- I lust after bags, buy them, barely use them, sell them, buy more bags, sell them, etc. It's a vicious cycle for me- but it works- I always seem to make out okay in the deal and always have enough funds left over to buy the new bag.
  12. I could never sell MJ bags ever ... And I would pay full price if I was in love!
  13. I have not paid full price for any of my bags. But, I do believe that it is better to full price for a bag that will be used often, than to get a bag on sale that will not be used or barely used. The cost per wear will probably be a lot cheaper in the long run for a full price bag that is used often.
  14. ^ i love the cost per wear calculation. it never fails to make me feel better about my purchases.
  15. ^^ I second that!