Questions about Patent Leather...


Jun 1, 2006
I got this patent leather flap bag on Ebay and received it yesterday. It's a really cute bag (9 x 5.5 x 2.5) but even though it's in NWOT condition I noted that small parts of the leather under the second flap have chipped (or rubbed?) off onto the patent leather:crybaby: . This has left some kind of rub/scuff marks on the patent leather. Is there something I can use to buff the patent leather to restore it? Is this normal or is it because of the way the bag was stored? I found the same thing on the back of the top edge of the front pocket where the regular leather touched the patent leather:crybaby: . Can this be prevented somehow? I'd really appreciate some information on this please. Thank you.




Chanel Snake Charmer
Dec 14, 2006
Silicon Valley, California, USA
The inside looks like regular wear. Sometimes, I buff with a moisturizing leather polish like Meltonian to get it back to black. As for the patent scuffs, it occurs with regular use. Don't use Windex or trying to get it out with a paper towel because the patent scuffs won't really go away. That's the bad thing with patent