Questions about our SubForum

  1. I would like to know from all of you a few things so I can reorganize and clean up where necessary. Please share your thoughts with me so we can make our subforum even better!

    1. I think the Current Prices reference thread needs to be moved into the shopping subforum where more of you will see it and it might be more useful.

    2. What do you think about creating a separate subforum (like MillStream's suggestion) with the top ten or most popular threads are in one spot. The caveat: no one can add more threads to this section, only Kellybag and I can move threads into this section so that there are only 10 threads in there at a time.

    3. Please let me know which reference threads you no longer find useful.

    4. Any other suggestion you have! Now is the time, let me know or forever hold your peace!

    Thank you everyone!!!!:flowers:
  2. One other thing- I have had a few suggestions of sellers that you would like added to our recommended seller's list. I will be adding some, and encourage you to send me your suggestions by PM only about adding a particular seller.

    Criteria for getting on is really good experiences with our members, must sell authentic goods only and honest.
  3. jag, all good ideas IMO...
    Re: recommended sellers thread, would ask if it is worth qualifying certain sellers (am thinking of latigresse's recent experience with a particular seller who sells authentic but reneged on the deal after the auction was over...apparently not the only instance of that based on other members' responses)
  4. Yeah, recommended sellers list needs to be updated. The old Hermes general reference thread may have to be tossed out because the info has already been duplicated in various threads. A top ten area? Hmmm, would that be more work for you? I like the sticky subforum to remain as is. JMO.
  5. I find the Shopping section confusing because there are threads in the main section and Shopping that are similar in content.

    Perhaps the purpose of Shopping could be defined a little more so the right threads will be in there. Although it seems like most would fit just fine in the main H forum.

    Is it possible to have sub forums such as:
    New Purchase Reveal
  6. ^^I like that idea!
  7. Your suggestions sound great Jag. Although I agree w/ HG the Top 10 would be more work for you and KB - so I don't feel that is necessary.
    Sometimes I do wonder what difference it would make when a thread goes into the Shopping Forum, seems like it would be just fine in the Main Forum??
    Of course it would be nice to have everything on the Main Forum so there is no back and forth, but what ever works best for the H Forum as a whole and creates less work for the Mods gets my vote!!
  8. personally i think the jumble of scarves bags new things etc is what keeps this forum active and interesting. you never know what anyone's going to post about and what will strike your fancy.

    all the suggestions i have fall under the category of if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all so i'll keep em to myself. jk.
  9. ^^ :roflmfao:
  10. I think moving Current Prices to Shopping subF is a great idea.

    Overall, I am not a great proponent of too many subFs. I feel we have enough as it is. Sometimes I feel that you can even merge the Meeting other TPFers and the Shopping together since meeting often involves shopping anyway
  11. Dear Ms. Jag and KB:


    Thank you BOTH so much for trying to make this forum easier and fun for us!!!

    Just some of my thoughts:
    1. Is there possible to create a thread about the lattest leather/style (ie. f/w 2007 or s/s2008), so we may know later on when a particular style/hue was introduced or will be introduced?!

    2. If possible, can the price and inventory ref thread only have costs but maybe a sub-thread for disguession?!

    3. There are lots of wonderful info on the exotic leather but just scatter, so would it be possible to create a sub thread for croc, for ost, for lizzard?!

    4. LOVE all of the thread about each style (ie all about Lindy, all about KP, etc) but can some of them be permanent, so if we need to see any particular style, it could be easily access?!

    SORRY to have to many ideas, hope it is not too much TROUBLE for you ladies?!

  12. Great ideas, Jag! Thank you for working on this.

    One thought--Could we group the "odes to" in one place?
  13. Ok, lots of great ideas, please keep them coming! Hope some of this helps a bit.

    First, we cannot have more subforums for different items such as handbags, scarves etc. as we already have the separate reference threads just for that purpose- and it would be too big and unmanageable if we had more.

    Second, Morgan- we have threads that cover most of your suggestions already. Take a look at the reference threads and let me know if that answers your concerns. If not, we can explore that further.

    Third, the shopping are is simply a place for:
    Authenticating a Bag
    Posting Inventory
    Discussing Retailers/Etailers/eBay
    It is not for discussing product information- that is what the main area is for. A good way to think of it is this:

    General Product Information and Questions--------> Main Sub
    Announcing Purchases --------------------------> Main Sub
    Where you can find a particular bag in stock------> Shopping
    Fabulous deals somewhere-----------------------> Shopping
    Prices of particular items ------------------------> Shopping

    Reference sections are for general product knowledge WITHOUT discussion and chatter. That is what distinguishes it from the main forum.

    Fourth, recommended sellers. The criteria to get on the list is NOT simply to sell authentic bags. I have personally removed sellers from this list because they have crappy customer service, misrepresented the condition of a bag, and just overall terrible experiences with PFers. If you know of something like this, PM me and I will remove sellers from that list. But I need everyone to tell me if someone should be added/removed etc otherwise I will not know. So it is a work in progress that we must all do together. Simply PM me with your request!

    Finally, I definitely want to hear more concerns, especially with the top 10 subforum. I just can't have too many stickies on the top of the main area, and I know there are a lot of popular threads. So let me know your suggestions!

    My door is always open ladies and gents!
  14. Oh, one more thing - as for all of the Ode threads. Perhaps the solution is to have a clubhouse like Balenciaga and LV - those types of threads are similar to the Ode threads and we can put them all in one location.

  15. i think that's an awesome idea for the odes jag!