Questions about new vernis cles

  1. How limited do you all think the new vernis pochette cles that was released as part of the Valentine's collection is? I am thinking about getting one, but I won't be at a boutique for about three weeks. I would prefer to get a chance to look at them in person first, but I know they are somewhat limited. Do you think I risk a chance of not being able to get one if I wait too long? I will be in Vegas, where there are several LV stores which hopefully should help, but if they are going to be sold out I would probably just order one.

    Also, I am trying to decide between pomme and violette (I love amarante too, but I'm worried about the fingerprints). The main use of this for me would probably be to use it in my Damier Sophie since I won't have a wallet with me. Do you all think violette can work with the red lining of Damier bags, or will it clash too much?

    Finally, how much does the cles really fit? I have seen Cyndee's post with the dimensions, which helps, but I'm still a little confused, I think because it sounds like the vernis doesn't stretch much. For comparison, I have used a Coach mini skinny for the same purpose I would be getting the cles for. For those who have seen/used both, how do they compare? I am able to fit quite a bit in a mini skinny, but I'm not sure from what people are saying here that that's possible with the vernis cles.

    Thanks for the help everyone!
  2. The new cles will hold more than your Coach mini skinny....for sure. It has a gusset at one end, so it holds alot. The old cles was useless since it was tiny and very tight.
    I would buy one asap or reserve one asap as they will not last long. They are in high demand. I imagine that in 3 weeks you will have a hard time locating one. There's always eBay though if you miss out in the boutiques.
    In your case, I would get pomme.
  3. Thanks, Cyndee, the information about sizing helps a lot. I guess I just need to suck it up and order one while I still can. I like to try to get something at a boutique when I have a chance (since I live nowhere near an LV, it's a special treat for me), but I don't want to miss out. Hmmm, maybe the epi cassis things will be out by then . . . :graucho: I am so bad!
  4. For Damier I would go with the Pomme. It just matches perfectly. I don't think Violette would go as well even though it's a pretty color. As Cyndee said, I would get one now as they are selling very quickly. I called the 866 line to locate an Amarante one and there weren't any in NYC. My SA said they only expect to get one or two in each shipment and that it's seasonal only for Vday.
  5. Yeah, it's hard to pass up the pomme with Damier. I just got a pomme heart, so I was thinking I should branch out into another vernis color, but I'd really be using this for something different - basically as a wallet substitute for pochettes. I have a mono pochette and a Damier Sophie, both of which would look very nice with pomme. It's good to know that they are pretty limited. I'd rather know that than have them pass me by.