questions about neo cabby denim ???

  1. i am seriously considering this bag, the MM version in black denim, but i have some questions for you that own this bag:

    -i know the strap is not as long as the GM version, is there anyway to get the longer strap? has anyone had any luck doing this? i have a Baggy PM and was able to order a longer strap for that...

    -is this a heavy bag, for those of you who have a baggy pm, is it similiar in size and weight?

    -the straps on the sides: do they alter the bag so that it appears smaller? i am not a large bag girl, so i am hoping that this is the case...

    -looks like i will have to order this through, since elux doesnt have it black anymore, how are they to deal with? return policy?

    thanks so much in advance for your replies!!!
  2. I have this exact bag and it is my fave!!! I carry it on the crook of my arm and it is not heavy. I carry a zippy wallet, big Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses case, camera, cosmetic bag full of crap, epi Pen, checkbook, calendar, blackberry curve, and much more. You get the idea...I carry a lot of junk! LOL To me, it is not a big bag. I carry the speedy 30 and I don't think it's big. I'm 5'2, size 2/4...hope this helps. A lot of bags do look big on me, but this one doesn't.
  3. I have the GM size... don't think it's too big on me either. I'm 5'4 sz 4. Not heavy. usually hand held or crook arm held fine. :smile:
  4. I have the MM in Black and I love it. I know everyone's been asking about the longer strap but so far I haven't heard of anyone being able to purchase it from LV. I carry mine on my shoulder with both the long strap as well as the shorter strap and I also use it as a hand-held bag.

    I also have the Baggy PM and the Cabby seems a little heavier than it and is also holds a lot more without looking "stuffed" like the Baggy does.

    As for the straps on the side of the bag, the bag is already sewn to "pucker" and I found that changing the straps' lengths don't seem to alter the shape of the bag much (I found the same to be true with my Mahina XL).

    Hope this helps!!

    You'll really love this bag, I sure do!!