Questions about My Poupette Resellers

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  1. Has anyone ever purchased a fake purse from a MPRS rep? Just curious. I'm thinking maybe sometimes fakes slip through the cracks.
  2. I think at some point even they can get tricked, they are getting them from other people who no longer want their LVs.
    My friend bought what I believe is a fake LV from an ex MPRS seller, the bag was different from the bag she had pictures of, but in all fairness she had been removed from the list so I think MP is vigilent about checking up on their sellers. The seller instantly returned the money and begged that she not leave negative feedback.

  3. Is it true that Louis Vuitton confiscates all counterfeit purses if brought into authenticate? Some one told me that...But that doesn't make sense if you brought it on ebay or something..
  4. No it isn't true but they won't do any repairs on items that arent theirs. V
  5. nope. I only have dealt with one so far and I've been really pleased with them.
  6. I was also very happy with my purchase from a my poupette seller.

    I purchased it late on a Saturday and got it Monday afternoon (and it's beautiful!)
  7. I am so disappointed with MPRS. I have found that many have sold fakes, not on purpose? perhaps, but nonetheless, if they are suppose to have such high standards, shouldn't these sellers be stripped of their title? It just makes MPRS IMHO not that trust worthy, if sellers that have sold fakes more than once, are still allowed to use this logo. :wtf:
  8. You can report sellers who sell fakes to MP and they'll look into it, potentially stripping them of their MPRS title. They do try to uphold their reputation and holding onto these sellers wouldn't benefit them in the least. Also, sometimes people just take the MP logo and slap it on their page and buyers just bid without having ever confirmed that the seller was truly an MPRS.
  9. :sad: I have reported a few sellers on more than one occassion. (for fakes) I know that they are still part of MPRS, which makes me think MP could care less. I am certainly not impressed with how they have conducted business for a long long time:wtf:
  10. Wow you sure had to dig through the graveyard for this one. This thread is approaching a year old.....:death:
  11. Lol amamxr, I hadn't even noticed the date! Wow..:wtf:
  12. Everyone should make sure that when they purchase from someone who claims to be an MPRS, that they check on the MP site first to verify that that person is REALLY an MPRS. There are many sellers on Ebay who are claiming to be MPRS when they are not. Particularly because of the recent crackdowns, this practice is increasing. Be sure to cross-check against the list on My before bidding.
  13. lol amamxr

    I have personally been involved in two cases where MPRS have sold fakes - one did not realize it and took great steps to refund the buyer, the other stopped her auction when it was pointed out to her.

    It doesn't matter who is selling the item, MPRS, ALVA, whatever... everyone needs to ask for lots of pics and info. And getting more than one opinion is extremely important as far as I am concerned.
  14. They should be watching them too though - if they are going to use the MP name then MP has an obligation to check out what's being sold.
  15. I didn't have to dig to find anything Amamxr:yes: . Since a thread was already started, I decided to continue with some issues that have happened as of recent. I always cross check to make sure they really are part of MPRS. The problem is with sellers having sold fakes, on more than one occassion and still allowed to use their logo. :shocked: