Questions about my new Epi Petit Noe ***Pics too!***

  1. Well, just about 10 days ago I posted asking for your help in picking my next bag and you guys came through for me! With your help (after perusing my list of what I have) it was pointed out that I needed to add RED and shapewise to go with more of a TOTE or NOE shape. Obviously, I needed a red Epi Petit Noe :nuts:!

    Since I prefer the gold hardware on this bag (today's bag comes with silver) and since I can't settle for less than pristine second hand bags...I knew I had to be on a serious hunt! My break came when I come across one that the seller described as "brand new like it just came out of the LV store...never been its box since the day I bought". (I of course had John and Rebecca authenticate for me...thank you guys you are really the best! :winkiss:) Yesterday I picked her up from the Post Office and she IS EXACTLY LIKE THE SELLER STATED. A beauty for sure. Today we have been getting to know each other :heart: and being a first time Noe owner I have a few questions :confused1:.

    1. How do you tie your drawstring? Right now I just loosey knotted mine since I can't tie a bow.
    2. My drawstring is stiff (guessing it is not yet broken in) will it get softer and bendable?
    3. Do you put little knots on the end of your drawstring?
    4. Do you keep your Noe cinched closed or in a more open relaxed way?
    5. And FloridaLV asked if I had a bandeau for my red Epi Petit Noe and I do not. I would like one...what do you recommend?

    There, I think that's it...oh, and YES, I will post modeling pics later know you can count on me for that!

    And, again, a tremendous thank you :tender:to you my most valued tPF friends!
    Noe-Top-View.jpg Noe-Straight-On.jpg
  2. Just leave the drawstring looped for loosening and tightening. When you want to tie it take each string fold in half (you'll get the hang of this) take both halves and just knot the bow. It's really an easier way to clinch, tighten, and secure your bag. The SAs use to show their clients to tie it this way instead of making a bow and looping it in and out which does become a hassle. Hope this helps!

    I could show you a sailor's knot to make the ends look cool.
  3. I have had my red epi petit noe since December. My drawstring is still very stiff, it almost deters me from using it. I'm hoping it will soften up soon. I don't use it a whole lot which isn't helping. I used to have knots in the ends of the string, but I didn't really like how that looked with such a stiff piece of leather. I cinch mine pretty tight when I close it, and I think the bandeaus look great on them. I don't know which one most tpfers buy, but there have been so many threads I'm sure a search would give you your answers. Congrats on finding the gold hardware you were looking for!
  4. I don't own a noe so have not tips, but wanted to congratulate you on your new lovely bag!!!
  5. More you use the Epi drawstring it will soften in time.
  6. Congrats on your petite noe. I have a black MC petite noe and the drawstring does loosen up over time but it does not seem as stiff as the epi. I usually cinch mine and tie it in a bow, or keep threading it and pull it tight. As far as the bandeaus go, (thanks for including me in you post) I can see a groom red bandeau or either a black or white MC one. I think they are both around $120 the groom of course is limited and it's cotton and the mc's are silk. They are coming out soon with the sweet flowers bandeau in red too. You have a great collection and I can't wait to see modeling pics.
  7. OMG, I have the same bag! I tie my drawstring the same way you have it in the pic. I keep it more opened and relaxed so I could access my things w/ ease. If you want a bandeau w/ your red epi I think the MC white or black bandeau would look gorgeous. Congrats on your new bag! :heart:
  8. Pinki, Thank you for commenting. I am going to try the bow like you said. Also, I would love it if you could show how to make the sailor's knots on the ends--maybe you could add a few pics of the process in this thread?
  9. Jessiebug, Thank you so much! Have a great Sunday!
  10. FloridaLV, Thanks for writing again! Yeah, I am already thinking of spending more money on a bandeau! I think the sweet flowers in red sounds amazing. I want a pic!!
  11. It is a great bag.
  12. Thanks donnydp. I think I am going to keep mine more opened will be like my petit bucket as far as being able to get in and out of it easily. I love the MC bandeaus, but that sweet flowers one in red sounds hot!
  13. Congrats on the great new Noe . It's so pretty and I'm so glad you found one with the gold hardware. Can't wait to see the modeling pictures.
  14. Aaaahhhhhhh, red nice....................
  15. ohhhh thats so pretty! i have the mono one and use the tiffanys blue scarf...i actually tie the scarf like a noose hehe so all i have to do is move the knot up and down! I thought i saw someone on here with the red epi and she was using the groom with the red stripe and OMG that looked soooo hot! so my vote FOR SURE goes to that!