Questions about my new coach purchases...

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  1. Hi everybody, I'm new here, I just joined 2 nights ago. I heard about coach outlets but never knew if they were real or a myth. I found this forum and learned alot about it. I found out there is a coach outlet in my state (2.5 hour drive though). I convinced my boyfriend to take me to it today =)

    I bought 3 items
    - small white signature "c" purse (no bullseye on the tag, also came with a brown dust bag)
    - black signature "c" wallet (i think it has a bullseye on inner part where the cards go)
    - bumble bee charm -- super cute =]

    Well, the white purse looks familar, I think I've seen it on the website last year but i'm not sure... My question is - is there a way to found out what year and what style my coach items are?? Do these items look familiar to you guys??

    Thanks, for reading my post ^_^
    CoachBlackWallet.jpg CoachBlackWalletInside.jpg CoachWhitePurse.jpg CoachBumbleBee.jpg
  2. Hi, welcome to The Purse Forum..
    your purchases look authentic.
    One way to check if its real is to look on the inside of the purse at the leather seal. Its a Coach guarantee seal, embossed on a piece of leather. The embossing should be deep and clear, the stitching around the leather should also be neat and even.
    If you bought it from an authentic Coach store, then you have nothing to worry about.
    You can also tell if its an outlet item, the seal will have a bullseye target like punch in one of the corners.

  3. I have Woodbury Commons by me - they have a Coach outlet, Chanel, Saks, Neiman Marcus, DG, Burberry, Dior and a bunch more outlets. I find the Saks, NM, and Burberry outlets are always loaded with stuff - but the Coach outlet is usually filled with leather bags - never signature :s
  4. Actually, your bag's serial number should give you the answers to both of your questions. The first half tells you what year the bag was made, and the second half is the item number. For example, if your bag's serial number is M05K-130, the "05" in the first half tells you that the bag was manufactured in 2005. "130" is the style number. The letters "M" and "K" are some sort of production codes; I'm not sure what they mean exactly.
  5. Welcome to the PF! Those items look fine. You're one of the lucky ladies that get signature in your outlet. Some outlets don't carry signature.
  6. Welcome to the forum! Your bags look fine. Like others have said, you can tell if they are authentic by the creed inside.
  7. gorgeous bag and i love the charm! too cute!
  8. Thanks! You guys are wonderful, I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time here... there are so many great tips within such a friendly environment ^_^
  9. Your lucky the outlets I have been to don't carry signature items!! Love your stuff!!
  10. Yes I am very happy that I have found the coach outlet (too bad its like 2.5 hour drive). They have a lot of the signature stuff! I also saw they had some patchwork wristlets and the pastel scribble day planners. I was so happy and giddy in the store, my bf said "your eyes just lit up" haha
  11. haha. my mom and i went to an outlet when on vacation and she said the same thing to me. she said the drug companies will never get money from me when i'm bummed out, because i have coach now. works better than any drug- with no nasty side effects. just gorgeous bags. :smile:
  12. Oh kallison423 what your mom said is so true... coach seems to also cease my appetite (great for dieters). When I woke up I ate a small bowl of soup and started getting the maps out and preparing for the drive to the store, when we got there I was so excited, didn't feel hungry at all, on the drive back I was busy admiring my purchases in the car, and when i got home (10 pm) i still wasn't even hungry at all!
  13. oh, is there anything coach can't do? hehe.
  14. haha =]
  15. Really? I could have sworn that I saw some signature pieces, I know there were wallets, and I think I saw some bags there when I went in the beginning of August.

    And d.c., the outlet is always worth the trip, no matter how long it is. My mom and I drove to Woodbury Commons in the middle of a horrible heat wave and it was around a 2 hour drive (with NJ traffic, we were coming from Staten Island, NY), but we made it there! And your bag is adorable, I've also seen it with the bumble bee on it, you got some super-cute stuff!