Questions about my new Box

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  1. So I got a new Box bag yesterday for a great deal! It's insanely beautiful, but I have some questions about the leather. I was wondering what kind of leather it is, what color and how the leather wears. I love it, but it looks so fragile and I am kind of OCD with my bags. :smile:

  2. Looks like smooth calfskin in navy blue !
    I just acquired a similar one 3 weeks ago.
    As far as I know, the leathers of Celine's box bags come in: smooth calfskin, liege, goat,
    spazzolato and the exotics (python, stingray, croc, etc.).
    Smooth calfskin and spazzolato tend to scratch very easily
    and goat and liege seems to hold up better.
    I have a liege, goat and smooth calfskin boxes and I tend to gravitate to
    the smooth calfskin (it IS a beautiful leather for the box) !
    Hope this helps and hope you keep yours !
  3. Thanks a lot for the info! I'm gonna keep it in my closet for now, it's so pretty to look at. :biggrin: