Questions about my new Azur Speedy 30.

  1. 1. Is it normal for them to say Made in USA?
    2. Is it normal for Elux to ship them all folded up?
    3. Is the bag supposed to have a liner that is separate from the bag itself?

    My only LVs are from the vernis line, and this is my first Speedy, so thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Yes to questions one and two, not sure if I'm understanding Q.3??
  3. The bag doesnt seem to have a lining separate from the canvas. The inside is biege, but you can see the stitching where the straps, ect., are attached from the inside. Also, is the inside pocket not supposed to have a zipper? BtW, where in the US are the LVs made?
  4. Yes this is normal - the azur speedys don't have a lining separate from the canvas-
  5. i think most things people get from elux are made in usa, although all of mine were made in france....
  6. I'm actually returning the speedy azur 30 I bought from elux due to the leather zipper tab having some black grease stains from the lock and the inside smelling strongly of industrial plastic. Anyone else have this experience? It is made in the USA but so were the azurs I saw in Saks yesterday.

    BTW when I called elux to complain they were willing to let me exchange it at my local LV at the Westchester, but my local LV at the Westchester was , oh no, we won't do it, return it to Elux and buy it from us, no exchanges! So not only would I be out the shipping I paid but then on top pay sales tax, oh no not for me.
  7. 1. Yes, there are LV bags made in the USA. :yes:

    2. Yes, it is normal for them to come folded up if you buy from elux or a boutique. :yes:

    3. I'm un-sure about this question because I don't own an Azur Speedy. :shrugs: (maybe somebody that owns one could let you know)
  8. I'm sorry you had that unfortunate experience w/ elux. That is a def. drawback that we don't get to pick out everything involved in our bag and their quality control isn't that high it seems. But I buy from elux to save on the tax, these bags are so pricey that it's a real savings to not have to pay tax. When I got my mono speedy I was disappointed to see a dirt smudge on the dust bag, seemed so unprofessional to pack the bag and not look over every detail to see that things were perfect for the customer. I was really irked about it. There were also a couple of things on the bag too, but all minor and I overlook them, I'm very picky so I just keep myself in check and remind myself how silly it is to care about such trivialities. They definitely shouldn't be shipping the bags w/ the locks attached, bec. that does mess up the leather tab sometimes or maybe their hands aren't clean and they get an oil rub on the vachetta. Sorry for the ramble here, I hope you have better luck w/ future LV purchases.
  9. My Damier Speedy (made in France) had the same industrial plastic smell. If I read the date code correctly, it was only one month old when I got it, and the smell has since faded.
  10. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Speedies have no lining. They are portable luggage and meant to be folded up when traveling.
  11. I echo eveyone's sentiments posted here. I like the way it folds flat, great for storage. I purchased the Mini Lin dune 30 and didn't look right the way the SA folded it.
  12. I think I might know what you're referring to. If you're referring to what I circled in the picture below: Yes, that is normal. ;)