questions about my H scarf - experts needed! :)

  1. hi all :smile: i have a gorgeous H scarf that i saved from a goodwill pile my uncle had made (of his ex-wife's things) a few years ago....i love it, and wear it often. however, when i got it, i noticed that a tiny bit of the pink dye from the edge had bled onto the white portions of the scarf, probably from being folded and stored for a long time.

    does anyone know how to cure this?? i've seen some threads about washing your H scarves by hand, but since it's a bleeding issue, i'm pretty sure i can't resolve it myself. any ideas?

    also, if anyone knows anything about this scarf - name, how old it is, etc - i'd love to know! i'm scared to ask my uncle's ex-wife, since i'm sure she'll want it back :rolleyes:

    pics attached.....TIA!
    hermes scarf 001.jpg hermes scarf 002.jpg hermes scarf 003.jpg hermes scarf 004.jpg hermes scarf discoloration.JPG
  2. In all honesty: I wouldn't bother about the discoloration. There is a cure for it but it is not for the faint of heart. For such a small coloration I wouldn't bother.
    Here's the info:
    Design Name:pASSEMENTERIEArtist:FRANCOISE HERONYear Issued:1960. REISSUED IN 2001.
  3. OMG!!! I'm not usually into scarves but that scarf is simply 2 DIE FOR!!!! What a treasure you have there!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't blame you for not calling ur uncle's ex-wife!!! BTW, that discoloration is barely noticeable!! You might do more harm than good!
  4. that scarf is GORGEOUS!!!
  5. I adore this scarf and wear mine often!!! I wouldn't fuss with it, actually....I promise you won't even see it if folded the right way.....just enjoy this treasure!!!!!
  6. that scarf is gorgeous, you're so lucky to have found that treasure :love: and don't worry about the discoloration - it's hardly noticeable :smile:
  7. Congratulations on a beautiful scarf!

    You are so lucky! I had a similar situation on a vintage scarf, I washed it by hand using woolite and the TINIEST bit of oxyclean, just about a teaspoon disolved completely in a cup of warm water, and added to the basin for handwashing. I washed in warm water. I kept the scarf moving, swooshing it for several minutes, and then rinsed it with a few drops of vineagar in the second to the last rinse, the last rinse was clear cool water. The discoloration was gone!

    It was burgundy on the cream portion of the scarf, so it was pretty noticeable, now it is completely gone.

    The main thing is to NOT let the scarf sit in the water, it must be constantly swooshed.

    You have a chance, as the dye is most likely "sitting" on the surface, rather than being "set".

    Good luck.
  8. thanks so much everyone!

    i won't worry about the discoloration...thanks for making me feel better about that :smile: although, cobaltblu, i'm intrigued to try your method.....i'd be SO nervous though!!

    there are also a few other spots....i'm guessing from handling over the years, maybe lotion getting onto it, etc. do most of you hand wash your scarves, or do you send them out for cleaning?? how can i handle specific spots that need to be cleaned? this poor scarf has been neglected for so long that i'd like to show it some TLC.
  9. Shopping, which country are you in?
    Usually the oxi clean products work really well (be careful that they are allowed on silk as well). Something that works well is also normal dishwashing liquid (make sure there's no bleaching agent in it). Some collectors in the US swear by the carpet cleaner that woolite makes.
  10. Lovely scarf!
  11. hello2703, i'm in the USA. thanks for the help on ID-ing the scarf, by the way - i really appreciate it!

    oh, and the puppy in your sig is tooo cute!

    so i can really just put this scarf into cool water with a bit of oxi or dishwashing liquid, and it won't hurt it???? i'm so scared of putting water on silk!! LOL.....just paranoid, i guess :smile:
  12. Yes you can! You can also just use something that is for wool and fine garments (that's what I use). If you want to be extra-sure then put a colour-absorber in the water too (like Shout). These scarves IMO are meant to be handwashed. Nothing bad will happen. Just rinse, rinse, rinse. I wash mine in handwarm water.
  13. Shopping, that is one beautiful colorway of Passementerie that you have there. Just lovely! I thought I'd mention that I also like to use Goddard's for spot cleaning my scarves. I've had very good luck with it for oil-based stains which are ofen a challenge.