Questions about my first LV bag (Speedy 30)

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  1. Hi Everyone

    My birthday is on Saturday so last night my mom and I went to LV inside Macys (didn't feel like taking a trip to the city) to purchase my first LV bag, the speedy 30! I'm very excited :smile:. I just have a few questions..

    The bag is flat.. what do I do from there? LOL! Do I just shape it with my hands.. put the dust bag in it? I just want to make sure I take the right steps so I don't ruin anything.

    Was it supposed to come with a box? I've seen a lot of photos from people where they have a box. All I got was a dust bag. Is this normal?

    Anything else you think I should know, please share. Thank you :smile:.
  2. First of all, happy birthday and congrats!!!
    Definitely a good choice for a first lv bag.
    Well, yes, just shape it with your hands so that it "pops" up into the right speedy shape!
    The box is usually optional, but sometimes the SA's just gives it. As long as it comes with a dust bag, the padlock and keys then you're fine.
    As you know, the speedy has no hard base at the bottom.
    So after putting items in it might "sag". However, some of the members here put in a base shaper, to keep the speedy shape structured! Its a very personal choice actually regarding the "sagging" part, some like it and some don't. Also, there are pillows available for sale, called speedy shapers. Usually used when kept in storage.
    Other further questions regarding the leather handles (vachetta) and ways to take care of it would be in the reference library, together with many other helpful tips and tricks!!

    Hope that helps.
  3. Yes you can puff it out with your hands...but that alone won't do the trick...if you want your Speedy to have a will either need to put a piece of cardboard in the bottom of your bag or get an all-in-one shaper. They usually don't come in boxes from what I can see. Yes that is very normal. My SA told me if you want a box...just ask.
  4. Welcome to tpf and congrats on your 1st LV!

    I prefer the saggy look so I don't know anything about the base shapers! But, after I buy a speedy, I usually stuff it with something to get the wrinkles out! Try a few towels or t shirts.

    As for the box, I think it's getting more and more common for SA's not to give out a box unless you ask for one. My SA said LV is trying to be more environmentally conscience! I prefer no box so this hasn't been an issue for me! If you'd like a box in the future just be sure to ask for one! I would recommend not storing a speedy in a box though because you would have to refold it causing it to crease and wrinkle again!

    Congrats again and Happy Birthday!
  5. shape the bag with your hands and toss your stuff into it.... Carry her with love and enjoy!
  6. i did get a box but it was when it was flat so once it-s standing, the box is really of no use. i also got an all-in-1 shaper (check threads- you can go to her website or on the bay) and let it standwith tissue paper and a few new accessories. it still has some creases as i have only been carrying it for about a week although i have avd it since may. they aren't really noticeable though. anjoy and happy bday!
  7. Stuff it up with some towels to get the creases out! And keep it in the dustbag till you use it! then take that baby out for a spin!!

    happy birthday and congrats on your new LV!!
  8. What a great first bag! Congrats and welcome to The Purse Forum!

    Like everyone said, just put your stuff in it and the weight will help shape the bag. I purchased a speedy base shaper off ebay and really like it. It all depends if you want your speedy to sag or not. For me, I prefer my speedy not to sag and the base shaper prevents this and is really great. (I think it cost like $10.)

    Hope this helps!
  9. it is very exciting to get your first LV and the speedy is always a good choice. which are you getting? mono, ebene or azur?

    as with base shapers, LV never recommends to use one coz it can damage the canvass. if you want it not to sag, place a magazine in your bag. stuff your bag when storing it to keep its shape. congrats and enjoy!
  10. You should do a search on this... these questions have been asked numerous times in the past... :yes:
  11. I appleguard all my vachetta three times prior to use and get no water marks or stains and it does not darken my vachetta-looks brand new after it dries. Works beautifully. There are several threads on this.
  12. congrats!welcome to the club!:smile: i also got mine (speedy damier ebony) yesterday and it's my 3rd though. my 1st - berkeley & 2nd - mono totally MM. what did u get? an ebony, azur, mono, epi...?
  13. I would stuff it, then hang it on a doorknob overnight, I did that and my creases came out pretty fast!

    Congrats on your speedy!!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :balloon::flowers::balloon: Enjoy your new Speedy!
  15. Happy Birthday!
    Just start using your lovely bag and it will take shape on its own.