Questions about my first b-bag from NY store

  1. This question sounds stupid but does new b-bag always comes with extra tassels? I seem to remember somebody told me about that. I just got my first b-bags and I loved it! But I didn't see any extra tassels other than the two on different zippers. The other questions is the dust bag. It looks so cheap(compared with chole). I ordered this bag from NY store. Is that normal? Thanks a lot:yes:
  2. Yes, it should always come with an extra pack. Perhaps you can call the store where you purchased it from and request them?
    BTW, congrats on your new bbag!! Please post pics if you can!
  3. Thank you so much!! I bought a tomato first!
  4. The Balenciaga dustbag is just a simple cotton sack, but you should have paper tags and extra tassles, inside one of the zipper pockets. If those are missing, then contact the store you purchased your brand new bag from and they should be able to give you them.
  5. Thanks for your reply!:idea: Yes,the dustbag is just cotton sack. I have the paper tags. The other question is my bag does not have any plastic wrap on the handle for protection. Is that normal? It looks new but I really don't want to buy a returned bag. Thanks again. It's my first time to order over the phone from NY store.:sweatdrop:
  6. angel, did you buy your bag from the Bal NY store? I have purchased a few from them, and none of my bags ever had plastic wrapping on the handles.
    (How does the inside lining look to you? Does it look clean? I can usually tell if a bag has been used b/c the lining will have lint and not have that crisp look to it).
  7. Thank you, cate! We don't have tomoto color here so I ordered the bag from NY store. I assumed it has plastic wrapping on the handle and now I know it doesn't:sweatdrop:. So far it doesn't have any wearing. I guess the lady just forgot to put the extra tassel in it.:smile:
  8. Nooo...plastic wrapping on the handles is a pretty sure sign of a fake Balenciaga, actually!

    Were the paper cards also missing? It should come with at least three paper that has the year and season and other numbers on it, one that is folded and says Balenciaga on the outside, and a very small one that says "controllato" & has a number on it.

    You need to get your tassels and papers from BalNY!! I'm assuming you did check the outer and inner pockets, right? ;)

    ETA...oops...sorry, I read that you did in fact get the paper tags. I need to read more thoroughly before responding! ;)
  9. Was it a regular Tomato? When I first got my B-Bag (an Aqua GH PT), I thought it was supposed to have tassels.. then I found out the only "Tassels" it had were for the mirror and it doesn't come with extras. Just thought I'd throw that out in case that was your situation. :smile:
  10. Yeah! I will call them! The tomato color looks SO yummy! I will load pictures after I know how...:p The 07 leather is very soft and wrinkles are so pretty. But my friend has a VIF city and the leather is thicker than mine.