Questions about mulberry chocolate mock croc bayswater

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  1. Just won the above on ebay and although I had it authenticated on here, I'm now worried about a couple of things...

    Does anyone know if the mock crock bays had feet, as this one doesn't?

    Also I've just noticed that the tree fob is not hanging down on the back near the zip pocket but is actually on the oposite side, is this normal or a sign it's fake?

    Any help from the experts would be much appreciated.

  2. My Oak Printed Bays has feet. I bought it at Shepton last April.
  3. Thanks for the reply :smile: after having a mini melt down I've had the bag authenticated. Have to send more pics on arrival but all appears to be ok....phew!!! Don't think I can cope with the stress of ebay....stick to NPN & LMW in future :smile:
  4. If the ladies authenticated it as being real and the serial no and details match those shown in the photographs you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Mulberry have made a great many changes to the issues you refer to, so no need to fret... :smile: