Questions about Miu Miu Bow Satchel from Resort Collection

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  1. Hey guys

    I saw Miu Miu Bow satchel in grey color at SAKS today, and I am really in love with it now :heart:
    I had my eyes on it for several months, but I have not seen it IRL until today, and wow, it is so beautiful, light and pefect size!

    Grey is beautiful color, but I am looking for black one, and SAKS SA told me she can order it for me, but I am wondering this comes in black also?
    I am guessing this is new from the latest resort collection, and SAKS and NM web site only show grey and pink color... :confused1:
    So, if I order it in black, I am worrying it is not the same one that I saw at SAKS today. hum......
    It is because I thought that bow satchel is not heavy but not that light bag either, but the bag that I tried on today was really really light. So... do you guys have some idea on this new bow satchel from resort collection?

    TIA!! :smile:

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  2. Beautiful bag! As far as I know, the lighter gray and the blush are just this season's color offerings for the same bow satchel...
  3. Those colors are beautiful! I think I slightly prefer the grey more, but wow....I want one!
  4. there was black last season so she will probably just hunt down a bag from last season for you. it will be the same bag since the bow bag didn't change.
  5. I tried the grey bow satchel (Vitello Lux Hobo) on this past weekend @ Saks, and I really like it. Its very light. The only reason Im holding off is because I like so many Miu Miu's right now, I can't decind on one.

    I can't make up my mind until I can actually try on the Doctor, Bowling, Hobo and Cervo East/West. arggghhhhh

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  6. Both colors are FABULOUS and to die for! I recently bought the grey (alluminio) one :smile: And I love it!