Questions about maternity leave

  1. How long do women usually take for maternity leave? How long was your maternity leave? How long before giving birth did it begin? Do most companies consider maternity leave "leave without pay?"
  2. I'm not a mom but maternity leave depends on the company. you should contact an HR rep and see what your options are.
  3. Disability should cover maternity leave, in CA it's 4 weeks before due date and 6 weeks after delivery. If you deliver early you loose what ever is left of your 4 weeks, but if you deliver late you get the extra time.The family act also says employers with more than 25 (double check that, I am going from memory) have to give you 3 months unpaid leave if you choose....

    I was still working with all 3 of mine...with the first one I did the standard, I ended up delivering 10 days late!!! By the time the baby came I was going stir crazy, so for my second one, I worked right up until the day I had a real quick delivery with my first one, so dr said best to induce. On the morning of my 39th week appt, I went into the work, then at lunch off to my dr said, "how about having a baby at the hospital at 5"...I went back to work, (hubby and I worked together), cleaned up my desk left work at was born at 7:11 that night!! After I took 2 months off. For #3, I decided to do the same, if I Friday afternoon, I was beat and said, I don't think I will be in on Monday...we'll see....sure enough I didn't come in on monday, because saturday night I went into labor. That time I only took 1 month off, but DH took sabatical and stayed home with the baby for 6 months.

    Really do what is comfortable for you, and you can't go wrong.
  4. I work for the state of Hawaii and we don't really have "Maternity Leave" in its truest sense. We can take 30 days of leave but in order for it to be paid we have to take it out of our exisiting leave. After the initial 30 days we can use any leave that we have remaining as long as our doctor signs off on the paperwork....or you can take unpaid leave for up to 1 year with rights back to your position. With baby #1 I took 4 months (worked up until the Friday before baby was born on the Monday [39 weeks]) and with baby #2 I'll take another 4 months (working up until week 39). This will exhaust all the leave I was able to accumulate in 11 years working with the state.

    For men who are state workers they can use 20 days of their leave for "Family Leave."

    I know there were similar posts to this thread and the women in the European countries mentioned that they had much longer leaves that were paid. Those made me so envious.
  5. I have 3 months after I deliver, and an extra month from my unused vacation leave. Some of my colleagues take another 3 months unpaid just to spend more time with their newborn, but I guess I won't be doing that.
  6. We now have a new system here in Germany, that I don't quite understand since I don't work, but I believe this is how it works:

    You can receive 100% paid Maternity leave for 14 weeks. After that, you can receive around 65% of your pay for one year, if the year is shared with your husband. Now...I don't understand how that works since I don't work and Bart has to work since he owns his own business.

    After that you can choose to stay home for 3 years unpaid. Your employer must take you back after your maternity leave is over (which I think is BS for some careers, but whatever).

    When a child is born in Germany, the family has a right to something called "Kindergeld". We receive 154 EUR per month for Julia. If we choose to have more children, we would also receive an additional 154 EUR per child, up to 3 children. After that, the fourth (and so on) child gets 179 EUR per child
  7. ^ don't be. our horrendous tax payments have to be good for something... ;)
  8. I worked right up until the day my water broke. I took 12 weeks maternity leave, 8 of those I got paid at 100% of my salary. The remaining 4 weeks I had to either take unpaid or take vacation time. I get over 6 weeks vacation so I choose to take vacation instead of going unpaid.
  9. With my first, I worked until about a week or two before I had my daughter. They wanted me back at 6 weeks, all unpaid (I'm in the US and my company was not covered under FMLA - family medical leave act). I never went back . . .

    This time, the company I'm with is covered under FMLA, so I get 12 weeks unpaid, but am entitled to all vaca and time off I've earned, so I'll have about 4 weeks of paid time off or so. I plan on working until I'm in labor!
  10. Not a mother here, but the maternity leave time will vary from woman to woman. It depends on a lot of factors, like the difficulty of your pregnancy, the type of job you have, whether it's paid or unpaid, etc.

    I'm pretty sure in the U.S. that companies are required to give you 12 weeks of maternity leave, and that cannot affect your position/job status. However, they don't have to pay you for the time off, they just can't fire you for not being there. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    As for whether it's paid, that will vary from workplace to workplace. I imagine it also depends on whether you get regular paid leave (sick leave, annual leave, family care leave, vacation days, etc) you can use, too.
  11. ^^^It's def. NOT 12 weeks. I think it is 6 weeks vaginal delivery and possibly a little more for C-sections. It may be even less than 6 weeks.
  12. ^^^Wow, learn something new every day, it is indeed 12 weeks UNPAID leave (Just checked the Federal website)!! Too bad I can't live w/out pay....very few middle classers can these days.
  13. ^^^ Accurate. 12 weeks by federal law.

    6 weeks is standard healing time for a vaginal delivery via DR's. orders

    8 weeks C-section via DR's orders

    I am going to look into filing for short-term disability as I only have 14 days paid.

    I only plan on taking the 6 or 8 weeks pending the type of delivery I have.
  14. In Canada mothers get 15 weeks maternity leave.
    Then, both parents can get parental leave benefits and take up to 35 weeks off combined. So both parents can be off, or just one. Adoptive parents can also recieve parental leave.
    Thats my understanding of it.
  15. In Norway (Northern Scandinavia i Europe) you get up to 1 yr. paid maternity leave. You also get a prenatal leave 3 weeks before due date, and if you deliver before the due date, you'll loose whatever is left of the prenatal leave, but if you exceed due date, the prenatal leave gets prolonged until you actually deliver the baby. Maternity leave starts when you come home from the hospital. You can either choose 53 weeks with 100% salary or 44 weeks with 80% salary. The father have 6 weeks paternity leave :smile: