Questions about LVR and Customs

  1. I haven't heard anything from FedEX and i ordered my part time from LVR on Aug.9. Does FedEx contact you via phone or email regarding customs and your package?

    Will Fedex have to contact me regarding my bag clearing customs and worried! I heard that if you've never had anything shipped internationally to you before, that fedex will make you sign customs papers that you have to fax in order for your bag to be sent. I've had things shipped to me internationally via FedEx (for a pair of Chanel glasses in Spain) in the past, but never had to sign any customs papers, so would that mean I will not have to sign or fax customs papers to have my Bbag sent to me?

  2. Once I ordered... I received shipping info and tracking number from LVR within a day or two. or oredering .. Then I received a phone call from FED EX Trade Networks a number of days later. (maybe 5?). and they e-mailed me the form I had to fll out, sign and either scan and e-mail back or fax to them for the bag to clear customs. I did that the same day.. and my bag was on my doorstep the NEXT day!!
  3. Hopefully, it'll be that quick for me to get my City!
  4. I had lunch with my husband and his fedex sales rep yesterday. Anyway, I asked about fedex and customs. The rep said that fedex sends the customs bill after the shipment, usually a couple of weeks. What happens is fedex pays the customs/duties upfront and then the consumer repays fedex. The reason fedex does this, is so your shipment will not get delayed.
  5. thanks kittens! that makes sense....did you happen to ask how they calculate the customs bill, or if they let certain people "slide"...? thanks!
  6. They have a percentage that the government requires depending on the item and price. Sometimes the customs bill will come later than other times, but I don't think they purposely let anyone slide.
  7. thanks kittens! i'm hoping they forget all about me! :yes:

    I just got my bag today (after all the panicking) so really wasnt that difficult...and I think the price from LVR may be slightly less if customs charges me. You've ordered from LVR before right? how much did you have to pay for customs duty?

    O yea btw, your jaune work is tdf!! i love it! its more yellow than i thought! the BNY pics look more orange.
  8. This was my first order with LVR. I wish I would have gotten the city but the color of mine is great.
  9. to tell you the truth, that's why i passed up the violet city with GSH. some tpfer commented that on a city, the giant hardware seems "cramped". thats how my first impressions were of the city with GH. the GH looks better with bigger bags like the part time and the work, IMO.
    I felt so strongly about this that i told my SA at BNY "pass" on the city and take my chance and just wait at the bottom of the list for the part time...
    It really is a gorgeous bag..maybe see what your husband thinks first? I'm sure you'll make the right decision. :tup:
  10. But I beg to disagree. I have 3 Cities - all GH - and I think that they look great - not at all cramped and with a very well balanced design. I also have a GH Brief and I don't think it looks better for having more leather compared to hardware. (I am aware that this is a terrible admission of gluttony!)
  11. I have owned 3 GH cities and loved them. They don't look cramped to me. I like the work and part time Gh too though.