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  1. I'm kinda an amateur about LV so could any1 please help me with some questions? Thanks!

    1) Do all the bags in LV have the same color leather and LV logo? 'Cos I saw some leathers that are darker than others. And some logos are brown while others are greenish.

    2) What causes your bags to look shiny and "glazed" looking? I know its shiny when you buy it, but it gets shinier as you use it. How do you speed up this process?

    3) Are all LV zippers the same?

    4) How do you prevent your bag from losing its shape?

  2. Please Help!
  3. I can't answer all your questions, but when I store my bags, I stuff them so they do not loose their shape.
  4. 1) If you are refering to the monogram (brown canvas with LV logos) then all monogram bags are made with the same monogram canvas, so they should be the same color. If you want to get familiar with the different lines and leathers used you should go on the Louis Vuitton website.
    2) I heard it gets shinier with years of use, but we are talking many years....
    3) ?
    4) some of the bags don't lose their shape, some others like the speedy you might want to stuff them while not in use.
  5. Please check out the Louis Vuitton FAQ's or the Louis Vuitton Reference Section at the top of the main page, they have lots of information regarding these things.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.