Questions about Luxe Ligne Flap

  1. Hi Ladies, I have recently been drawn to the Chanel forum and I am loving all of your stunning bags and the next bag I get (when I can save enough) will be the Luxe Ligne Flap as I love the look and style of this bag.
    My question is: does it come in different colours each season and if so what will the new colours be?
    I love the metallic silver but someone said that was from a few seasons ago.
    Also, for the Australian girls on TPF how much AU does it retail for?
    Thanks in advance, Suzie
  2. Can anyone help me with some info?
  3. Patience ;) you asked in the middle of the night for us in the USA.

    I'm not sure of it's prive now and yes, usually each season it comes in a couple of new colors.
    The metallics were it's first year, I hvaen't heard what's coming next season.
  4. Thanks Swankyand sorry for being impatient, sometimes I forget the time difference. BTW the pics i saw of your bag made me want this bag even more...drool..drool..
  5. Is patent coming out this season for this bag? I thought I see pictures of it for Fall 2007 (Correct me if I am wrong, ladies)

    If you are looking for one, be careful buying the luxury flap on eBay. There are so many fakes; I see a really good fake silver one went for $1000 US :throwup::throwup:
  6. I'm after dark silver or bronze LL flap, it will hopefully be my first chanel so I'd love to know more about these too! :tup: Or ar there some lovely new colours/materials coming, patent sounds lovely too..?

    All I know so far is that I cant get these from stores at the moment so I've been eyeing eBay too... I saw the fake happyangel mentioned... thank god it wasn't the colour I was after:s
  7. Thanks for the info. I will stay clear of eBay as I don't know enough about Chanel. Scary that a fake went for US$1000!!
  8. patents are currently out as they are this current season:yes:
  9. If you see one on ebay make sure to post it on "authenticate this bag" before bidding.
  10. wILL DO CZO28..