questions about kooba brynne in oak

  1. I just ordered it off that awesome online NM sale. It looked gorgeous in the photo but I was wondering if anyone owns this bag in this particular color and could lend me an opinion. I did do a search but it seems like most own it in black (totally drool worthy!). Here's what I was wondering...what is the leather like (it says its lambskin but is it as soft as most lambskin bags are or more thick and stiff?) and do you think it would overwhelm me? I'm 5'2 and usually a size 6 (that is supposed to be working down to a 4, lol) when not pregnant. :p I do have a bag that has similar dimensions but most bags hang/slouch differently when worn and so I was kinda wondering what to expect with this one...Its my very first Kooba purchase. :tup:
  2. Love Love Love it! I too just ordered it and received it from NM. Can't beat the price, I love the color and the leather is gorgeous and soft, but not too soft. I was very drawn to the lace corset detail on this bag. The color is a great brown, I am 5'4 and think is a great size. Enjoy!
  3. I wasn't too fond of this bag, but then I saw someone with it the other day and it was sooo gorgeous in person!!! Let the obsession begin!!
  4. I have a Brynne. I'm 5' 7", size 6ish, and sometimes I think the bag is too big for me! It is probably my largest bag, larger than the Marcelle or the Sienna. More of a tote bag really. The lambskin is soft and there is really no stiffness to it, at least in the black.