Questions about Keyfobs

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  1. :wondering I was wondering how you have your keyfobs on your bags? I am so worried about the rings scratching the brass on my sabrina? I have thought about buying a latch hook to put on but they are hard to find in brass to match. Could you please post pics of your key fobs to give me some ideas?
  2. I just asked for another ball chain like they use for the coach tags to attach mine and it works perfectly. HTH!
  3. What if you wrapped some tape around the o ring on the purse before putting it on and then remove the tape after it's on. You could do the same thing when you take the fob off the bag.
  4. i use the chain off one of my other bags (tag), and use my keyfob that way... i would Not try to put the ring on my bag cuz it will scratch
  5. Attaching the fob on the hangtag chain is the best way to go. Just about all the Coach ladies here are doing the same. I think it'd be somewhat of a hassle to try to force the keyring onto the brass hardware of the bag anyway.

    Here are some pictures if you like.

    Here's my Dome Satchel with the flower keyfob:

    And with my photo album keyring:
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    i buy a dogleash hook from lowe's for each of my keyfobs and then they are all easily changeable... i just go to the drawer and pick which one i want on my purse that day... clip it and go! and i don't have to worry about the chain of my hangtag becoming loose and falling off! (which i've read happens when you "open" and close them too much!)



    i got the idea from this forum... there's a very long thread about it somewhere!!!
  7. I've been putting it on with my hang tag but I really like the dog leash hook idea!
  8. Great idea.. thanks. i was just worried about the 2 metals scratching each other.
  9. What a timely thread! I was looking for brass dogleash clips at Walmart, but they were way too big and only silver-tone. Will have to check Lowe's!
  10. Thats what I do as well except I put my keyfob on the same ball chain as my hangtag
  11. That cow keyfob is ADORABLE. I haven't seen it before! :smile:
  12. I always put my keyfobs on the ball chain with the coach hang tag, I've never had a problem with one falling off. (((knock on wood))) I love using charms/fobs to accessorize my Coach bags!
  13. I agree that I put keyfobs on the ball chain with the hang tags. I've not had a problem with any of them so far, and I like that they hang near the top of the bag.