Questions about Keepall for a guy

  1. Well first to introduce myself...brand new to tPF...and well, I have a problem. I have become unhealthily obsessed in LV. But I guess I have come to the right place to find like minded people! And I can add myself to one of the few guys here.

    Im in sunny old Manchester,UK. Though I really dislike the LV store up here. The SAs never seem to be interested except one guy who I have no idea the name of.

    I much prefer the Birmingham store which is more spacious, seems to carry a lot more and the SAs are always amazing. They all recognize me as a regular (even though my collection is tiny compared to some on here - 1 damier geant canvas bag and a few accessories) and I have actually served my favourite SA at the store I work was a rather weird role reversal.

    Anyway I have strayed far from my point.

    I am set on getting a damier keepall, w/strap. Now this may make me sound a bit odd but watever. The Manchester store has one and I could happily go in tomorrow and try it and eventually get it. However I would much rather get it from my SAs back in Birmingham (and build my relationship with them) or when I go to London soon - something special about getting an item from a flagship!

    First I wanted to know, does the keepall come flat in the box or stuffed? I would have to bring it back on the train and boxed it may be a problem. And does it come with a dustbag that can be used when I have stuffed it?

    And if any guy has pictures of their keepall on I would be so grateful to see them!

    Thanks loads and sorry for my rambling!

  2. Hi, Im a guy and I live not too far from Manchester (sunny old north west LOL) and thats my local store too, I dislike it except two SA's who are helpful.

    The damier keepall would come folded in its dustbag and in box. If you like a different store then I would buy from there. Have you tried the Leeds store ?.
  3. Well good to know I aint the only one isn't a fan of it. Maybe it's something about concession stores that are off putting...the LV in selfridges in London is absolutely awful. Always packed full with tourists, whilst the flagship is never really that busy (at least when I have been).

    Well I am going to Birmingham in 3 weeks so will probably pop in then and have a browse. I really want one, but also am loving the new damier in black for F/W 2008, though I know I couldn't wait that long for one. Im only a student so can't afford both...ahhh its so hard to choose!

    Haven't tried the Leeds store no, but hear on here that is is good. TBH as much as people may slag it off, I have found Birmingham to be the best place outside London for shopping - Manchester is so over rated. So im in no rush to go to Leeds, but maybe one day!
  4. I have the damier keepall 50 no strap =) I have some pics if you like, but none of me carrying it =(
  5. Don't worry about just normal pics, have seen various peoples on here but no pictures of guys wearing the keepall. Can I ask though, how does it feel carrying it by hand? Im not the sort of guy who could pull it off I think, and like that I can throw it over my shoulder with the strap.
  6. Ive not been to London or Birmingham, but I would like to try both. I find manchester LV too small and usually tourists are allover the store so I cant get a look, not that they shouldnt but its just not big enough for everyone.

    Im a student too and I love the damier in black so nice but manchester doesnt get much stock at all. I remember when they had a Miroir Alma, and they were less than helpful.
  7. I'm not a fan of the strap, but it's relatively comfortable when carrying by hand, I like the way it looks on me, very masculine =)
  8. I bought my keepall with a strap, however I have never used it because I don't like the shape of the keepall when it is on my shoulder (I like it to be stuffed and have it's shape kept, rather than having it sag down in the middle).

    I think carrying the keepall is a much nicer option, it looks alot better and also free's your shoulder to carry a messenger bag.
    keepall.jpg carryall_keepall.jpg
  9. Welcome John...may I ask what do you want it for? Everyday use? travel?
    You know keepall 50 can get quite heavy if its full and quite saggy when it;s empty...I have a keepall 55 but I think the same applies to 50!
    But really it's pretty big...actually it's enormous...although gorgeous
    IMO if you need an everyday bag you can go for the caryall or another messenger bag...
    I'm planning of getting a speedy 40 which is already big but if you think it's too much for you you can always get a mono keepall 45...5cm make the difference!
    Good luck and I hope I didn't confuse you!!
  10. I wasn't looking for a bag for every day use, no. I wanted something for travelling. I regularly travel by train for weekend visits etc and thought it would be good. Also I could use it as a gym bag when I also have all my uni stuff too. The speedy would not look right on me, its just a bit too feminine for me (and im a gay man speaking!). And I do love the mono print but not in large amounts - my wallets are mono, but I don't think I could handle it in a bag/luggage. Sound alright?

    Thanks for those pictures!It does look good on you! I am also concerned with sagging. Does it not sag when carried by hand?I think it will take a while in store to work out which I prefer. Its just waiting a couple weeks to visit the Birmingham store that will be the hard part!

    Well I had a quick try in the LV store up here but that crappy service put me off. I will have a proper try on my next visit. I think it would look good held, but its quite dressy. I don't dress smart - I never need to. Don't get me wrong, I dont dress like crap. But I have a more preppy look - polo and jeans, or sweater and jeans. And I think with the strap, throwing it over your shoulder would make it a bit more casual. What do you think?

    Well I would say London is a must...for LV and shopping in general. Id say just ignore Oxford St as a whole (except Selfridges) unless you like Topman/Arcadia stuff. I find it all very tedious and a waste of time. Head for Regent St/New Bond St. Everything is so much better including the LV store - its great.

    And if you can head to Birmingham. It is similar to Manchester but bigger. And the Selfridges there is so amazing. I almost like it as much as the London store - I hate the one in Manchester! And I find it the same about the LV store in Manchester - too many tourists! Birmingham gets them aswell, but is big enough to handle them. And the mens is on the second floor, and the big groups usually stay on the womens, which helps.

    Anyway I am rambling and really should get to bed as I have an exam in the morn!!
  11. The keepall doesn't sag if you fill it properly. It sags when you wear it on your shoulder because everything moves into the middle. Wearing a keepall on your shoulder does NOT look like the LV ad's where the guy is carrying a keepall on his shoulder lol.

    I think it would like fine wearing the clothes you wear, it goes with pretty much everything.
  12. This pic is of a pretty full keepall 50 so it didn't sag, but I don't like how the ends scrunch up. I think over prolonged periods it may leave creases in the canvas? It also sticks out quite a bit too which I'm not a big fan of.
    DSC00296 (Medium).JPG
  13. :roflmfao:lol
    Ok I'm a straight man and I don't think the speedy is too feminine! Why every man in here has to declare his sexual preferences???we don't care...or at least I don't!!! I'm saying it in a good way don't take me wrong!
    We want to help you find the best bag for you...sexual preferences are off the topic because it's your business...again speaking in a good way!
    Anyway the damier keepall is great for the use you want it...I wouldn't go for the one with the strap...I don't use mine...sagging decreases if you put clothes in it etc.

    P.S Hope you didn't misunderstand me...I have no problem with gay guys...but when it comes to personal taste I don't think it plays any role! It's true that gays have a better taste but I know some who dress really bad!
  14. The speedy is only feminine when you carry it on your elbow, if it is hand held then it's fine! Just a mini keepall basically!
  15. Please don't get me wrong either! When I said I was gay I wasn't meaning to announce it! It's just that I didn't want to come off as some gay-basher or anything when I said the speedy was too feminine! Think we just got wires crossed. I will have a look at the damier speedy when I go, may pop into the Manchester store tomorrow and let you know what I think.