Questions about July podium

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  1. I've never placed a podium order, so I have a few ????. Can one just ring up her SA and place the order, or does one need to be "invited"? I'm fairly certain I have been. When would be a good time to do it -- June? Or wait until July? Do you need to have second and third choices ready, just in case they ask what you'd like if you can't get your exact wish? When, generally, do July POs arrive at the store? And, can you usually see the leather book before placing a PO?

    If your PO is unusual, does it pretty much become a special order that point? SOs will take longer, right?

    Thanks, everyone!
  2. With my situation I was 'invited.' I didn't have 2nd and 3rd choices available because we were pretty sure I owuld be able to get what I wanted at that time.

    My July PO/SO arrived one year later, but it all depends I suppose.

    But your SA should be informing you of when to place the order and whether you should have other options ready in case.
  3. I was a little cheeky. I asked my SA if it would be possible to get an order placed at Podium. I knew what I wanted so I didn't ask to see the leather book but, I've heard that many times the SM will meet with the client and go through options and a backup plan. I asked beginning/mid-January for the February Podium.

    At my store, they like to set expectations and say at least a year but I've heard sometimes earlier. I've budgeted for it coming in 8 months. I've also heard about it taking more than a year, maybe up to two. Can someone else confirm that?
  4. Can you only Podium Order a bag in a leather that it is already being offered in?
  5. bprimuslevy - I've been told 6 months to 2 years for my February 2008 PO.

    castorny - My understanding is that the buyers go to Paris for every podium with a "wishlist" of POs from customers. Paris presents that podium's menu of available leathers and colours. Buyers can place orders for all POs that match Paris' list.

    FWIW, I simply approached my SA and asked if I could place a PO. She asked if I would be flexible on leathers and I asked for either clemence or togo. I think typically, you can put a second or third choice down to improve your chances.

    As for the leather book... I basically ask to see it every time I go to the boutique!!!

  6. ^^Castorny--yes, that is correct. If it is not offered at that podium, then your order will be rejected. At which point, if you are able, you can try and submit it as a special order, but that usually ups the wait time by quite a bit.

    As for POs' arrival time, it all depends on what you're ordering. Sometimes it can be 6-8 months, for exotics, it can take over 2 years or more, or it can come in sooner than expected. It really depends and is all part of the big wait.

    Eliz, I'd call your SA around June to find out when would be the best time to submit your request for podium. You definitely should ask to see the leather book to make sure your selections are what you want, and have a backup or two ready as well. Another thing that is helpful is to ask if the leather/combo/style you're looking for was offered at the previous podium. Your SA should be able to tell you this. If it wasn't, then it's a good idea to submit a backup.
  7. as far as i know, i am meeting with my store manager to discuss option in May. she never said how long it's going to take but i know i am supposed to have a few choices just in case the first one doesnt come thru.
  8. Hi all

    Inquiry: Has JULY 2007 (Last Year) Podium already arriving or starting to arrive at designated Hermes Boutiques now?

    Anyone with JULY 2007 Podium...please let me know (PM)? Im curious as to when I should expect or to calculate time the frame on mine...

    My February 2007 Podium arrive EXACTLY 8 Months.

  9. My July 07 Podium order was a VL birkin which I just found out along with my February one were converted to SOs. Go figure??
  10. I've only asked for standard stuff. My last request for a togo bag was rejected and I got it in clemence instead. The success of the rquest depends on what is being offered that time around, I think.
  11. I had my February PO confirmed that it was going to be made. I ordered a 35cm birkin in brique vache ligee w/ gh. I don't see many of those around, so I checked with my SM that it was indeed going to be made. They confirmed yes. I am still expecting to wait until November or January for it's arrival.
  12. I have always been invited/asked for the POs. However, I think if you have a good relationship with the SA, you can very surely ask about placing a podium order. I would probably ask earlier rather than later. The worst they could do is say no.
  13. The answers to your first 4 questions depend on the relationship you have with your SA. My understanding is that most customers need to be invited. A good time is pretty much any time, if your relationship is pretty solid. Some SAs will call their best customers to confirm right before the SM leaves for Paris, some will not. Some SAs will allow 2nd/3rd choices, some will not. Sometimes, they will make substitutions, like togo for clemence, etc. Arrival time varies widely. So far, I've waited between 5 months and a year, but those were for nonexotics. My last PO was an exotic, and I was told not to expect it for 2 years. Most SAs highly recommend that you do see the leather book before you place your PO. And yes, if your PO isn't available, then your SA might convert it to a SO, which usually takes longer. However, my understanding is that SOs are offered to even fewer people than POs are, so this doesn't always happen.
  14. I've been told to not expect my exotic Birkin for 2 years. I waited pretty much exactly a year for one of my clemence Birkins.
  15. :yes: