Questions about ING Direct

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a new place to put some of the extra money that I've got - and I really like the idea of putting it into ING direct, but I've got a few questions to ask someone who has experience with them:

    1. Are there really no fees, minimum balances, etc? I know that they would have to disclaim if there really were catches - but companies tend to do tricky things sometimes!

    2. Are you satisfied with your experiences with them?

    ...Basically, that's it!
  2. In May I opened an orange savings. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I paid no fees and no minimum balance is required. After you set up an account the login process changes each time for superior security. No surprises for me so far. I must say in the past two months I have had no probs. I have a set amount deposited into my account each week (I am paid weekly). It's amazing how fast a little bit grows. It's like my purse money jar lol.
  3. Yes, they are great and if you get someone to refer you, they give you $25 deposited directly into your account.

    They are very friendly when you call in too. I haven't had any issues- no fees, no minimum very easy to deal with.
  4. I wonder if you could transfer funds from a foreign account into a US ING account? I still have a valid US address and bank account - but I've got some money in my German bank account that's earning basically nothing on interest that I'd like to transfer into an American ING acct...
  5. Have u heard of

    I think the % rate is higher..
  6. I've had an ING Direct orange savings account for 2.5 years now, and am completely satisfied! There really are no fees, minimum balances. I couldn't believe it either, but it's true. And my interest rates have steadily increased (as the feds increase rates). It's very easy to set up an automatic deduction from your checking account each month too, and easy to transfer money between your checking account and ING orange account. The only thing is that if you need to transfer money out of your ING orange account, it can take a few days for it to show up in your checking account and there is a limit to the number of transfers you can do a month. However, I've discovered that this is the same terms & conditions as with other bank savings accounts if you read the fine print. It's never been a problem for me. I view my ING savings account as a long term, but still liquid, investment vehicle. So I don't want to be moving money out of it all the time.

    If you would like a referral so you can get a bonus, please PM me. :flowers:
  7. I don't know, but it's certainly worth calling them and asking! Why not transfer the money from your German bank account into your US bank account? You certainly can link a US bank account to an ING savings account.
  8. Thanks!! :smile: I'll think about it some tonight and let you know!
  9. I've had an ING account for a couple years. My mom opened one for herself and then used herself as a referral to open an account for me so that she would get the bonus. I think at the time she put $25 into my account and then I got another $25 bonus for opening it. I haven't deposited anything into it since it was opened - actually completely forgot about it until I read this post! But now I might have to start using it to save money for my next purchase :smile:
  10. FYI- hsbc always has higher interest rates than ING.
  11. What's the rate of HSBC right now? My current ING is like 4.25 or 4.35 or something like that. It keeps going up every now and then so far.
  12. Can anyone refer me to ING please??
    and does the HSBC have monthly fee?
  13. make sure you open your account with $250 or else you won't receive the $25 bonus.
  14. I've had an ING account for about 4 years now and I love it!!

    I always tell everyone to open one!!
  15. HSBC has a better rate but they are more of a pain to deal with. I have had nothing but good experiences with ING.