Questions about inclusion bracelets!

  1. I have admired all these gorgeous bracelets you ladies have, and think I may try and find one but have a few questions...

    - How do they fit? I have a thin wrist and many bracelets kind of fall right off

    - do they scratch or scuff easily?

    - what is the retail, and what colors are still around in pm size?

    Thanks so much! I appreciate all the great advice I receive in the LV forum!:yes:
  2. They fit pretty well. I'm waiting for my small sized one because the medium was too loose for comfort. I already just about lost my yellow one because it was too big.
    With the scratching and scuffing, you just have to not let them come into contact with abrasive materials. I have a cell charm that I use all the time, in and out of my pockets on my phone and it's really nice still. Granted, the surface is a bit dulled and not as shiny because they do get knocked around, but it's not a big deal, it still looks really nice.
    The retail is about $255 I believe and I know for sure that the colors around right now are framboise, transparent and pomme d'amour.
  3. If you have a thin wrist, you'd probably need PM inclusion bracelet in small. It comes in two different colors for now which are transparent and pomme d'amour.
  4. Thanks so much for the info this is really helpful - i didnt realize they came in wrist sizes!
  5. The PM bracelet (thin) has two sizes now - small and regular and retails for $255. Pomme (red) and Transparent.
    (Berry/Framboise is only in regular size.) (Previous colors were beige and black.) I use to wear my beige & black bracelets together, but I noticed that they kind of scratch each other, so now I wear them separately.

    The GM bracelet (thick) - I think it has two sizes(?) and retails for $350. Pomme and Transparent. (Previous colors I think were a yellow and pink but only in one size.)

    Checkout the Inclusion Clubhouse for pics of tPFers' bracelets!!
  6. The pink and yellow came in both PM and GM but the PM was thicker than the current's mine:

    The yellow and pink's PM didn't have LV symbols inside but the GM did.
    Ok that sounds kind of confusing lol. Hope it made at least a little sense. :lol:
  7. Lvbabydoll:

    I just saw Elle's picture of her many bracelets and saw what you were referring to about the pink / yellow bracelets not having the LVs floating around inside the bracelet!! Never noticed it before!!! Also, looks like the previous GM size is slightly thinner than the current GM size.

    I would love to see a burgandy version of the inclusion bracelets as well as a blue version!! Wishful thinking but maybe someday.... I had previously thought to myself that if LV ever came out with a red color, I would buy it!!! And they did!!!
  8. Yeah they did a little tweaking of the sizes..the old PM was thicker and didn't have floating LVs and the old GM was smaller than the current one.
    I like the newer sizes though..I can't wait for my Pomme bracelet!

    And oh my I can definitely think of some colors I'd love to have lol.
  9. I'm really getting into this. It's like an addiction to want to collect more more more...
  10. ^Tell me about it! Those Inclusions are so damn addicting :push:

    The bracelets fit loosely around my wrist...but not so much that it'll fly off. Maybe if I'm taking off a sweater, it might get pulled off my wrist? :shrugs: It would be nice if they were a bit smaller...which is why I'm looking forward to trying on the small sized PM bracelet :yahoo:If you accidently bang it really hard against the metal railing of an SUV (like I did :s) then it will probably get scuffed. It's not that noticeable, so I don't mind.
  11. I was planning on wearing 2-3 at a time, but now im scared, lol. how did they scratch and was it bad?

    im all hesitant cause i don't wanna injure them at all, :p .
  12. Rebecca, love the speedy charms! :nuts: How much do they retail?
  13. All these bracelets are gorgeous! And now you have me thinking what I want may be rare - the pink in size small pm, without the LVs floating in it - do you think I'd ever find this?
  14. ^^There was one a few weeks ago at my local boutique. I was surprised to see it since it's been discontinued for so long. I considered buying it to re-sell for a profit...but realized I didn't want to risk dealing with horrible buyers! A few days later, a PF'er called the boutique about it, but it was gone :crybaby:
  15. Aww thanks! They're $255 apiece :yes: